Monday, January 11, 2010

PS: Evil will always prevail.

Henry Rollins (born February 13, 1961 as Henry Lawrence Garfield) is an American singer-songwriter, spoken word artist, writer, publisher, actor, radio DJ, and activist...and on and on...He's even a movie actor! The guy is a workaholic.

I didn't speak to anyone today. Not one phone call, nothing. I only saw a few people in traffic and
a woman who pulled over across the street from where I live get out and vomit on the ground. I heard her talking to someone else in the car. She sounded pretty drunk. I don't wonder why I don't get lonely. I like hearing that alligators are eating people. It gives me hope.

--Henry Rollins

It's weird to me that I am quoting Henry Rollins in two of my back to back posts. I am a fan of Mr. Rollins, just never thought I would get to writing about him. Honestly, I keep seeing the book A Dull Roar: What I Did on My Summer Deracination on my desk while I sit with my head in my hands trying to think of what to write.

Now that I have decided to write about Henry Rollins I can finally just make this thing happen. This won't be tough for me. I like Black Flag and Rollins Band and I loved his show on IFC. After watching his IFC shows, I discovered that this guy is also someone with ideals and opinions that are not so far off from my own. I began reading his blogs and then I picked up one of his books at my local music store. After I finished reading A Dull Roar, I asked my friend Juan if he would be interested in reading it. He loves music, we work on music together, we share a lot of books. He said "Hell yes!" And then he went on and on about the man's music and how much he loved it. Especially "Liar" (probably everyone's favorite) off the album Weight.

The Little One even knows the lyrics to Liar! (She's singing it behind me while I play it for some blog posting inspiration. I shouldn't be surprised. She is probably a bigger fan than I am. In fact, her nagging me to take her to one of his shows may have been what got us together.)

I don't know why I feel the need to lie and cause you so much pain
Maybe it's something inside, maybe it's something I can't explain
'cause all I do is mess you up and lie to you

I'm a liar, ooh, I'm a liar

But if you'll give me another chance I swear I'll never lie to you again
'cause now I see the destructive power of a lie,
They're stronger than truth

Download Rollins Band - Liar

If you like Liar, and you like your punk music hard and loud, I also suggest you look into the album Nice. This album has a sound that I like a lot. I discovered a lot of it has to do with the new backing band. The lineup from 1994's Weight had begun to fall apart in 1998. Henry was producing a album for Mother Superior, and invited them to form a new incarnation of Rollins Band. Nice is the result of this new synergy.

I really like track 5. "What's The Matter Man?"

Download Rollins Band - What's The Matter Man

Don't just grab the one track though, as really the whole album is a punk rock machine.

Please check out this man's movies, music, and books. I know, for one, that I will be buying A Preferred Blur: Reflections, Inspections, and Travel in All Directions ASAP...

BTW...trip out on a few selections of the many movies Henry Rollins as appeared in:


Unknown said...

Hmm... musically I find Rollins unconvincing - all that anger. Sure, seeing his friend murdered gives you some cause, but too many of his songs seem to be about it!

Also, I remember one of the songs from Come in and Burn where Rollins growls, "I've wasted so much time!!"... which just seems ridiculous when you think of how many pies he's got his fingers in!

Anyway, I gave my Rollins Band records away a couple of years ago when I discovered I couldn't stomach them anymore - "Get Some Go Again" in particular was redundant garbage.

I also left a Rollins Band show once about 3 songs in - they played the only song I really wanted to hear first! That was "Disconnect" - my favourite from "Weight".

So I hope you don't think I'm trying to belittle your admiration of the man. It's just that I have a couple of opinions about Rollins Band, and I happened across your blog.

Keep up the good work!

mookie said...

well...thanks for commenting. It means a lot to us!

As far as "I've wasted so much time" I think that the deal is that he wants to be continuously working. In Dull Roar he mentions how he doesn't want to spend time with any type of social relationships because it's time away from working. That and the fact that he hates social interactions! LOL