Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Yes. Bringing you epic shit here. Most anyone that hasn't lived under a rock the last few years could tell you who the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are. Hell, I wrote about their track "Zero" a few months back. Loved it. But there's nothing like their first album Fever To Tell. Beginning to end, the thing is awesome encapsulated onto a CD. If you disagree, you're a terrorist. And have kittens. Fact. Now shut your mouth hole.

Anyhow, I ran across this remix of their song "Maps", and I think I had a seizure. It was that good to me. There will be naysayers that hate on dance music, and that's fine. I don't like your hairdo, either. Really? You paid someone to distort your physical appearance under the impression it was cool to have your hair with 8 inch long bangs? C'mon. If you do that, who can see you sulk at an indie-rock show! Wait. That's actually a good thing. Never mind.

Anyhow, this remix of "Maps" is epic. And again. If you dislike? Well, I guess we have different definitions of the term. By the way, I heart sarcasm. It's pretty awesome. Anyhow, this dude Elite Force did this remix, and you all really need to listen to this remix. I love this. It takes just enough from the original to work as an excellent remix. Which is the point of what a remix should be. Seriously, go take a listen.

Download The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps (Elite Force Re-Fix)

Download The Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps

And go buy stuff. Or I schedule a debate at your house between Dan Quayle and Ashley Simpson. I mean it.

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