Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hot Damn! New Hot Chip!

Oooooh. New Hot Chip album is coming! February of next year, according to their site and the first single is the same as the album's title, One Life Stand. So how does this one sound? Well, this all depends on what you think of Hot Chip. These are guys that make solid blippy electro pop that simply makes you want to groove. If you don't want to groove? You're probably white. But that's okay. I'm not here to judge you. That's what your mother is for. Here's One Life Stand, their newest single.

Download Hot Chip - One Life Stand

Anyhow, their last album Made In The Dark featured a video that helped promote The Dark Knight. The song was "Ready For The Floor", and despite the wooden features of their lead man Alexis Taylor, it's a pretty cool video. That vid? Is below.

Well that song had a remix I had completely forgotten about by Jesse Rose. While I do love Rose, this remix starts off strong. Aaaaaand gets repetitive. Very quickly. It's in essence nothing more than a glorified DJ tool, but that's not such a bad thing. If you're a DJ. Or have a short attention span. Here's that nugget of goodness.

Download Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor (Jesse Rose remix)

Now go buy stuff. The lord commands you. And he left it a little "l" for a reason. Because if you need to be scared shitless to do good? You're a moron.

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