Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This is gonna be one of those epic posts. Where I discuss in detail a song that for some reason is long forgotten. Sort of.

Anyone remember the Levis ads with the little yellow sock puppet? No? Here's a reminder. And hell. It is playing the song I am gonna post today.

That song was the epitome of awesome. For real. And the video? Was just as cool. Don't believe me? Well I have the video, also. So there!

Well, this guy seems to have suffered from the one-hit wonder phenomenon. He's since made more music, but to be honest? None has really caught my attention. Here's a really weird vid for the song "Positif" he made last year. Eh. Sorry. Not all that great.

Well, without making you watch any more videos.....well, actually, I will make you watch one more. About how fucking stupid the Snuggie is. Seriously. If you buy one? Kill yourself. Soon.

So yeah. Now here's "Flat Beat".

Download Mr. Oizo - Flat Beat

Now go buy stuff. It's Xmas. Hooray capitalism!

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frantic1 said...

I have this one on vinyl... love it!