Monday, November 2, 2009

You been drinking brew for breakfast?

There's a way to make it out in time
Keep the cash under the mattress
They're down in the streets
Run for cover

The end of the year seems to be quickly approaching. The weather has changed and so has my mood.

On cue, as it is every year for me, when the mercury falls so does my spirit. The cup becomes half empty, not half full. Not that I am an overly optimistic soul on a normal day.

This tends to change what I listen to. I don't listen to music that might cheer me up. No way! I listen to dark, desperate music that just sends me deeper down the spiraling fall.

And if theres any consolation
I never got mine so
While your out you're taking name
and taking orders

The White Rabbits versus The Clash. The cup half empty, the cup half full.

White Rabbits is originally from Columbia, Missouri but is now based in Brooklyn. A six piece indie band that has released two studio albums. The most recent, It's Frightening, was released May 19, 2009. The song that really captures my mood these days comes from this album and is called Rudie Fails. Take a listen:

Download White Rabbits - Rudie Fails

A song about bitterness and anger. A fuck it all anthem.

Then there is the song Rudie Can't Fail by The Clash. The British Punk band that formed on the the same year I was born. Not just punk, they got into many different genres while performing together. Reggae, ska, and even rap!

It might be time to define what Rudie probably means. Although it is a name, it's also a nickname for Rudeboys, which are pretty much poor rebellious kids in Jamaica. It evolved to be the name called of fans of the ska culture forming in England in the late 70s.

Download The Clash - Rudie Can't Fail

It's a decent song...but maybe it will sound better in the Spring...


Jess said...

I downloaded the White Rabbits by mistake and surprisingly liked them.

mookie said...

I think it was you that got them on my radar. so...thank you.