Monday, November 9, 2009

the future's cloudy and gray

so can I lie in your grave at the edge of the end of the world

where I will sit with my love, in its fluorescent swirl

eat us up, break it down to the tiniest cell

in a room with a view and a window to hell

with those who bury bodies into barrels of fun

will be marched through museums that display what they've done

they'll be shot up through the sky by the cannon of sin,
and we'll reluctantly let them in

Max Bemis is an evangelist for my generation. His sermon delivered with song and lyric.

I'm a Say Anything fan. From their first release Junior Varsity to their latest self titled release, I just enjoy all of this bands albums. The albums are filled with sing-a-long anthems. Shameless and A Walk Through Hell are some examples of his earlier work.

Easily a favorite of mine from the album ...Is A Real Boy is Admit It! A song you can crank up and belt along with Max.

You're free to whine. It will not get you far. I do just fine, my car and my guitar, guitar go!

Download Say Anything - Admit It!

The album In Defense Of The Genre was a double album of...well...of mostly filler. I am of the opinon that if this double album was pared down to a solid single release, it would have been a more successful endeavor. The anthems are still here, you just might have to skip around the album. Check but Baby Girl, I'm A Blur.

Download Say Anything - Baby Girl, I'm a Blur

I got my hands on the latest album before the November 3rd release date. It reminds me more of ...Is A Real Boy than Defense. My first real listen to this album was driving back home from a long day at work. I enjoyed the album, but the last song. Track 13. Like any good preacher, it ends with a big and resounding AMEN!

Download Say Anything - Ahh...Men

Ahh...Men is a stellar song. Chanting, passionately sung lyrics, a song with a strong and heavy message. I knew right away this song was important to Max. Even while navigating the busy streets in rush hour I knew this was an important song.

I'm rarely wrong about these things:

@ummAndrew asks what the deepest song I've written is; probably ahhh men because it concerns god the afterlife redemption eternity etc

Don't be a sinner and steal this album off the torrents, buy this album. Else face hell and brimstone.


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