Friday, October 23, 2009

What's Your Favorite Colour, Baby?

That's right, they are back. They blew you away in the late 80's, because you had no idea a Black guy could kill an axe like that. (You were too young and sheltered to really know about Jimi Hendrix.) They are pioneers for sure, and they have a new album.


What Living Colour provides to heavy metal is good taste. And I don't say that to be conservative. No other metal band can actually produce thoughtful lyrics, a clean delivery, and melt-your-face-off grinding. Other bands are either too lazy, or too over-produced, or too over-paid, or all of the above if those traits are not already synonymous. The Chair in the Doorway is the band's 12th album, by my count. There have been some greatest hits and live collabs mixed in over their 25-year history.

These albums have been hits and misses. The 2009 album is not one of their greatest, but it is something to appreciate and give respect to nonetheless. Buy the record and support these guys. Then let's anticipate a truly monumental new Living Colour record in the next two years.

Have a listen to "Out of My Mind"... And then let's see you actually buy the record. I'm watching you!

Download Living Colour - Out of my Mind

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