Monday, October 12, 2009

Put the needle on the record...

If you checked out my post here, you know that I have been busy ripping vinyl like a mad man. It's not a ton of fun...but one good thing that has come out of it is that I am rediscovering my music collection.

I have DJ'ed in Seattle, Orlando, and Las Vegas. While going through my tracks I think I've found tracks that remind me of each city or specific gigs.

Well it's some angle to share some of this music with you. It's important for me to share this music for a few reasons. With all the amazing electronic music I have procured from the blogs over the last few's important for me to do the same. To give back in a sense.

When I check for the music I am about to rip, I see that a lot of my own great records are nowhere to be found on the interwebs. Some of them must predate I want to get some of this quality music out there for you! Although these tracks are old, I can say confidently that I still think they are relevant and will get your crowds fired up!

Fex - Last Train (Marine Parade)
It's a record I picked up while record shopping after some gigs I had in Orlando. Breaks are King in Florida and this record never goes over that well in the West...but it's hot and I will continue dropping it.

Download Fex - Last Train

Brett Johnson - Somewhere Between Here and ThereBrett Johnson, Deep House Master
This track reminds me of the fantastic Deep House scene in Las Vegas. The underground electronic scene in Vegas is almost exclusively Deep House and can be heard in many of the long running house parties. If you are looking for a place to check out Deep House in Vegas I suggest Soul Kitchen or Sound Bar. I am sure I picked up this gem at the now defunct Liquid 303 in Las Vegas and it got a lot of spins in the also defunct Utopia Patio.

Download Brett Johnson - Somewhere in Between Here and There

Haitras - It Was (Screw Loose Mix)
Seattle's Rave scene is second to none. I've played to raves up there and they know how to party. I am sure I have played this track there, or something that sounds like it. It's dark yet energetic. Just how they like it. This song would totally fit into any electro house set even today. Don't sleep on this one...again.

Download Haitras - It Was (Screw Loose Mix)

Support all of these artists by buying more of their amazing work.

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