Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Phoenix....not Arizona

So we have yet more! They seem to be possibly the most remixed guys this year, and it's quite a mixed bag of remixes that have come out. So today has me writing about two more remixes from the Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix album that will most likely win just about every indie award that is out there (with apologies to Animal Collective).

In order to sort of find out where the remixers - in this case Passion Pit's drummer Nate Donmoyer as Shuttle and also by Animal Collective - you would need to hear both parts one and two of the song remixed. In this case? It's "Love Like a Sunset". To keep some space on our own webspace, I've gotten a youtube vid that combines both parts here for you.

Pretty epic, eh? So now imagine how the powers that be in remixers are going to handle this one. What you end up hearing are two vastly different ways to go about it, and that's what I personally love about music. Everyone hears something different in songs, and that difference is also what helps to bring people together. So after hearing the aforementioned original, and after listening to these two remixes, tell us which of the two you prefer! What would you do differently? What elements of the original would you use and leave out? Enjoy!

Download Phoenix - Love Like A Sunset (Shuttle Remix)

Download Phoenix - Love Like A Sunset (Animal Collective Remix)

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