Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bizzare Ride

Everyone here remember the Pharcyde? You're talking about a group that put out one of the top hip-hop albums of the 1990's in Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde. I remember back in early 1992, I bought this on cassette along with a Run DMC tape. This one certainly stuck around with me for years.

There was one cut that stuck out besides "Passin' Me By". The track "Soul Flower" was originally done with the Brand New Heavies on Heavy Rhyme Experience, which is how I even found out about the group. Well, I lost my tape, and bought it later on CD, and suddenly, the version of "Soul Flower" had changed! It was still good, mind you, but very different from the original. Well, I am simply going to showcase some of the other remixes of this song here today.

First, the version off of the CD that was such a big change from the original Brand New Heavies version. This is such a good party song for folks to just play in the background. Awesome track that for people like myself? Brings back a lot of memories.

Download The Pharcyde - Soul Flower

Next up are three remixes off of a remix and rarity album of Pharcyde tracks. The highlight of the three here is the "Dogs B*ll*cks Remix", for sure. The other two are certainly good ones, but really can't hold a candle to the first one. A big winner of a track.

Download The Pharcyde - Soul Flower (Wrong Tree)

Download The Pharcyde - Soul Flower (Dogs B*ll*cks Remix)

Download The Pharcyde - Soul Flower (2 Tha 3 Mix)

Last up is a much more recent remix. It's the Gutter remix, and most of the song is strong.......until they add some other MCs by the name Verb and Wale. Seriously, if you're going to make a remix? Don't taint it if it's a classic. Good remix, but horrid addition of other MCs.

Download The Pharcyde - Soul Flower

As an added extra bonus? I've also tossed in the Hot Chip remix of "Passin' Me By". Enjoy all the cuts!

Download The Pharcyde - Passin' Me By (Hot Chip Remix)

And go buy stuff! If not, Barry Bonds will rub cream on you. And it won't be steroids!

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