Saturday, September 19, 2009

And all your dumb rhymin' words

This. Is. An excellent. Record.

“People might be surprised that anyone is still working in a long format recorded medium considering the economic climate, current trends in dissemination and consumption, i.e. the internet and mp3 players...There is so much work being produced in this moment, in this, the age of readily available prosumer recording equipment and an internet hungry for content, not to mention the mountains of old songs that exist for most listeners who, in a lifetime, will only skim the surface of that magnificent library. People might be surprised that, with all that weighing against it, buying and listening to this album will be more than just pleasurable, more than just horizon expanding. "

Kyp Malone's new music venture is called Rain Machine. He has been writing and recording material for himself, even before getting together with the much-loved and respected group TV On the Radio. Malone joined TVotR in time to record their second record, 2003's EP Young Liars. While performing solo, Malone went by a few different names and eventually settled on Rain Machine. His first solo album, which is self-titled, comes out September 22 on Anti-Records.

The first two releases, "Give Blood" and "Smiling Black Faces", are excellent tracks but sandwiched between them on the record is my favorite, "New Last Name." It's a slow burn. Check it out:

Rain Machine -New Last Name

Oh no! Was it the line "All your dumb rhymin' words" that summoned Kanye or was it Malone's beard? Kanye has to interrupt everyone's big moment! OK what is it Kanye?

I'm really happy for you Kyp, and Imaletyoufinish, but Mookie has the best beard of all time! Of all time!

Well. Mookie is working on one sweet-ass beard. But Mookie's beard hasn't been stroked by Stephen Colbert yet. So until that day, I think Kyp Malone might have the best one. Here's a live shot of the very talented musician that we took when we caught TV on the Radio at OutsideLands:

Rain Machine showcases some of Malone's best lyrics and song construction yet. But I will give no opinion and insight on the words and themes he explores on this record. You simply have to experience it yourself. You can even pre-order the vinyl below. I can't wait to drop a needle on the actual record. That will make for quite a spritually revealing evening.

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mookie said...

one of your best posts TLO...and not just because I got mentioned.

jon jon said...

Rain Machine is dope, I love direction, many TVOTR fans may be upset that Malone's solo jump doesn't sound like his other band. That is the reason the records works, tender and personal.


fatzers said...


live recording from the Getty LA show here -->