Monday, August 24, 2009

Love at 128 Beats Per Minute

Your kisses still stop time
The disaster's beautiful
Remember the phases those unhappy spaces
That tore my heart
You healed everything
I know how I'm feeling, I know I'm not dreaming
I smile
Waiting here all along

Bad Boy Bill destroys clubs. With his scratch-heavy mixes of house music he will make it rain with sweat from excessive dancing. I have seen him live two times, and both times were amazing. I was either trainspotting (watching over the DJs shoulder to try to find out what he is playing) or dancing my ass off. He's not an ordinary DJ. Widely considered a "superstar" DJ, he really should get even more respect than that. Nearly winning the DMC World DJ Championship a few times, he's known to play sets with up to 6 turntables.

Let's pause to really soak that in.

A legend in Chicago for practically creating the DJ mixtape phenomenon, literally selling them out of his car and giving them away at gigs.

That was 1987.

In 2009 Bad Boy Bill released his latest CD. An artist album called, "The Album".

It's a great CD with some fantastic remixes to follow.

My favorite track is one called Falling Anthem. A love song you can dance to and still feel cool.

[Download Bad Boy Bill - Falling Anthem]

This is our falling anthem
And it feels right
Can't stop our hearts from pounding

On vocals is a beautiful girl with a wonderfully melodic, smoky voice, Alyssa Palmer (yes...that's her at the top of the post). If you like this song, you can hear her on three more songs on Bad Boy Bill's new album, which of course I suggest you purchase. I hear she has a solo project in the works, which we can look for late 2009.

I'm a huge fan of Harry "Choo Choo" Romero, who brings us a dope remix of Falling Anthem. Enjoy!

[Download Bad Boy Bill - Falling Anthem (Harry Choo Choo Romero Remix)]

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