Friday, July 24, 2009

I can take the trouble, I'm 60 feet tall

If you've never wondered what it might be like to wake up in the morning and find a handful of deadbeat, derelict, drunken rockers sprawled out all over your kitchen crackhouse style, then you don't have The Dead Weather's debut album and you need to obtain it... Pronto.

You blink when you breathe
And you breathe when you lie
You blink when you lie
You blink when you breathe
And you breathe when you lie

It's called Horehound, and it was recorded in three weeks by the supergroup comprised of Jack White of The White Stripes on drums and vocals, Dean Fertita of Queens of the Stone Age on guitar, Jack Lawrence of The Raconteurs on bass, and most notably, Alison Mossheart from The Kills fronting the band with the dirtiest whiskey-soaked vocals you've heard since before Grace Slick tried to Build A City.

Track 1, "60 Feet Tall", would be my new theme song if I really wanted to slip into complete debauchery and decide to enhance the dark circles that wish they could take up permanent residence on my face. Instead, I will just play it in secret when I decide to drink alone. It's a 5+ minute track, so instead of sharing that here, I will share "So Far From Your Weapon", serving as a warning to all of us that that vice we crave is willing and waiting. Check it out:

[Download The Dead Weather - So Far From Your Weapon]

And if that isn't enough warning, check out "Bone House":

[Download The Dead Weather - Bone House]

The Dead Weather is currently on tour, bringing all their demons and tempting you to come along for the ride... All over the country this summer. Tonight they play in Detroit at The Fillmore. Try to check them out at First Ave in Minneapolis on Monday. That would be a legendary show. For all dates check out their website. Mookie and I will be catching them at Outside Lands in one month!

And of course you don't want to buy CDs anymore. You want to listen NOW! Here are some links to download the albums. Show some love. Buy the music, support the site, but most of all, support the artists.

Don't act like you can't act, I know I've seen you do it
Better learn to shake hands....

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