Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Weird electro and some new shit

Yes. Chromeo is weird electro. They're really hit or miss with me because they essentially update a type of music I drink heavily to forget. So now they make my drinking problem worse. Fuckers. This remix of "Me and My Man" I've liked since I bought it off of Beatport a few years back, however.

[Download Chromeo - Me and My Man (Fly Whitey Remix)]

Next up is the first track from the latest Yeah Yeah Yeahs release. Yes, I understand it's not being posted here two months before it's released. I don't care. I like this. So there. I'm posting it because I like it. It makes me happy in my no-no spot. Which actually kind of creeps me out. The aforementioned drinking will come in handy.

[Download Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero]

Last up is just a really strange remix of the Designer Drugs track "Zombies". It's by the Montreal duo Nrotb, and considering the sound they have here, I found it quite odd that house label Coco Machete brought them on board. Well, perhaps they fit the niche since I last bought house records. Here's their remix of "Zombies". The oddly titled "Nrotb Dandy remix". Lovely.

[Download Designer Drugs - ZOMBIES! (Nrotb Dandy Remix)]

Ah, yes. The time where I make some half-assed comment telling you to buy the stuff listed. Well, I've got nothing. Just go buy it. Now.

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