Friday, June 19, 2009

To be lost that their loss is no disaster

Sampling. Stealing. Borrowing.

Or an attention-deficit tribute to everything your life has ever
seen, experienced, appreciated, and created.

Which is about how I feel right now, so I am glad I chose Crocodiles for today's post. Picture the teen-angst rock-out library scene in The Breakfast Club. Being a kid of the 80's, there are times when this is all I can see in my head. Punch yourself in the face, hurdle over some library shelves, and scream until the glass cracks. Rock out alone. Rock out with your friends. Straddle something and thrash your head. Drop to the floor in convulsions.

Allow all the pictures, scenes from your life, to flip past you in a jumbled and frenetic form.

Settle down for a moment of introspection, and then do it all over again.

And that's how this album, "Summer of Hate", plays out to me. It was released in April of this year. Check out one of the more manic tracks, Refuse Angels.

[Download Crocodiles - Refuse Angels]

You've got to find this album. I Wanna Kill is worth the price of the whole thing, yet I'm not going to share it here, and is one of the greatest tributes to pop-genre sampling that I've heard in awhile. Go buy it.
And then go see them live. A lot of these shows are with an interesting electronica band called Holy Fuck.

Meanwhile, I'm going to get back to my brooding and random study of American poetry.

Jun 10 Dallas, Texas
Jun 11 Austin, Texas
Jun 12 Houston, Texas
Jun 13 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Jun 14 Birmingham, Alabama
Jun 15 Atlanta, Georgia
Jun 18 Brooklyn, New York
Jun 20 New York, New York
Jun 23 Cleveland, Ohio
Jun 26 Denver, Colorado
Jun 27 Phoenix, Arizona
July 5 Los Angeles, California
Jul 11 Amsterdam
Jul 12 London
Jul 14 Nurnburg
Jul 15 Berlin
Jul 21 Ravenna
Jul 22 Milan
Jul 30 Dublin
Aug 1 Cardiff
Aug 4 London
Aug 22 Seattle
Aug 29 San Diego, California

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