Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The pleasure's all mine cuz we have seen good times

Why didn't The Little One submit a post on Friday? She was cheating.

She wanted to be able to submit the Anniversary post today. She's selfish. What. Me. I'm The Little One. I'm selfish. I want this post all to myself. I'm sneaking it in here, too. No one knows it's coming.

That's right, you read correctly. Anniversary. One year ago, Mookie submitted his first post on our blog about this crazy new band he discovered when they opened for STP. It was Billy Boy on Poison. I don't think either of us have spoken of that band since.

Mookie had been talking about starting an mp3 blog for some time. And I believe it was actually a year ago today as I lay in bed while he tinkered around in the office. He started shouting out blog names. Some were taken, others were shot down by The Little One. Well, me. We went through this already didn't we? Anyway. I can't help but go into all of this because I not only get to sneak this blog post in, I also get to claim credit for naming the blog.

That was me. IN ALL CAPS. I miss you, in all caps. I love you, in all caps. I totally heart you... IN ALL CAPS. And we both love the music just as much. We're dead on serious and committed to this. And we've only made plans to hold your little hand -oops. Got ahead of myself.

Don't say I ever rickrolled you. That was Tony Toni Tone, and they've done it again. I digress. Listen. We've discovered a lot of new and old music alike just by doing this blog, and I hope you've been able to expand your auditory horizons as well. Because I'm the one who chose to write this post, I'm going to be the one to pick the artists who have made me the most proud or excited about this thing, our big fat one year old bundle of joy.

Red of Tooth and Claw I was impressed with this band that Mookie found, Murder By Death. A gritty, testosterone laden sound accompanied by a cello. This is dark country rock infused with lyrics of death and remorse. I have tried to see them live once since hearing of them, and my quest isn't over yet.

This is a cow The fascinating cult legend that is Daniel Johnston was shared with us by Walt Zink. Even Pearl Jam covered this tortured artist. He many times cannot recollect the lyrics to his songs due to the cocktail of drugs prescribed to him...

Wild Like Children Tilly And The Wall really touched me in so many ways. I can't describe how their lyrics manage to figure out everything that my child id still wants to say. The upbeat but slightly underground and always witty music I loved to listen to so long ago.

Just Jack, Scanners, James, Kid You'll Move Mountains, and Cursive are just a few more of the artists that make me ecstatic and proud to be a part of this great thing and this great guy.

Thanks Mookie.

Sometimes you just can't hold back the river

Here you go... I'm on your side. We're always right.

[Download American Analog Set - Punk As Fuck]

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mookie said...

Great post TLO. It has been a great year working along side you and Mr. Zink. Thanks to all the fans, bands, and Dads who have read/subscribed/tuned in to this blog and our podcast.

How about we get together for our 2nd anniv? you up for that?