Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Magic through Macy and Modjo

That's a stupid title. I know. Whatever. The tracks, however, aren't stupid. They're both record rips from my own collection, which I think a lot of people reading this regularly are starting to get used to. Hey, I have a lot of good shit on wax. What can I say?

Anyhow, after the Modjo postings a few weeks back, I tried in vain to see if anyone else had already posted the Harry "Choo Choo" Romero dub of their cut "Lady". Nope! So here is the "Titanium Dub" by Romero. A bit too long, as he probably could've cut at least a minute off the total length, but a good DJ will know how to use this extra time well.

[Download Modjo - Lady (Harry "Choo Choo" Romero's Titanium Dub)]

Next is a track I hadn't listened to in years, in all honesty. Macy Gray's "Sexual Revolution" got the remix treatment by the boys at Subliminal, and this is really the only worthwhile mix - save for the acapella - on the 12". Dark, dirty, and just the right length. One of the more underrated and impressive cuts by Subliminal, in my opinion. Definitely take a listen to this one! So fucking fucking beautiful!

[Download Macy Gray - Sexual Revolution (Nunez, Morillo, and Who Da Funk's Super Dub)]

Next week, by the way, sees the release of the new Sunset Rubdown album. I picked up a copy at their show here in the Boston area last week, and they didn't fail to impress yet again. The album has a couple key cuts on it I do love, and next week to coincide with the release, I'll put up a review of the album. So stay tuned!

As usual, open your pockets. Help these guys out! Buy this stuff!

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