Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dragonslayer impressions

So the latest release by indie-rock darlings Sunset Rubdown is now out officially. I've had a chance to kick back and listen for almost two weeks, and figured I would give everyone my thoughts on this latest effort by Spencer Krug and crew.

First off, it's only eight tracks. Which has me scratching my head, to start. It also is quite the far cry from what they did with their last album, Random Spirit Lover. That release was easily their strongest to date, Dragonslayer included. While this latest album features some high-quality tracks, such as Idiot Heart and Nightingale/December Song, it seems to leave me feeling as though I am just missing the full potential. This could be a consequence of the structure of their last album, which worked as a continuous piece that told a story throughout. The album's strongest point may be in the way it finishes. The epic "Dragon's Lair" is a robust and lengthy - at over 10 minutes - track. A very pleasing way to end this album.

As usual, the lyrics are deep and thus makes this album an album you must sit down and listen to. Unfortunately, most music buyers aren't this type, and will continually buy vapid releases by the likes of Lady GaGa, et al. Overall, if you are a fan of Spencer Krug's work in general? You will most likely like this. If you are not familiar with his work? I would strongly suggest listening to Wolf Parade's Apologies To The Queen Mary first, and then delving into the Sunset Rubdown releases. To help familiarize readers, I have left one track from this release here, as well as one from their album Shut Up I Am Dreaming. I'd give this a solid 8 out of 10. The pros of this album far outweigh the few cons, and it adds to the growing list of solid and great works by this excellent band.

[Download Sunset Rubdown - Idiot Heart]

[Download Sunset Rubdown - Stadiums and Shrines II]

And I'm tired. So no smartass remarks today. I go sleepy now. YAY SLEEPY! Buy this!

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