Monday, May 25, 2009

Electro Pop and Indie Rock

I am a sucker for these kinds of bands. They just get me on both sides of what I dig. The indie rock sound with its DIY ethos, and the DJ friendly-ish electronic pop sensibility.

The thing is, my love for them is shallow and fleeting. As soon as the next indie-rock/electronic-pop band/song/release/remix comes out...I just move on to that. Leaving a veritable graveyard of bands in this genre, in my wake.

Passion Pit is a band like this for me. Soon to be thrown in the trash like a paper plate. It's hard to say that now, because I am totally digging it.

The more I listen to it, the more it reminds me of everything I liked about Prince.

Is it possible that this particular band with this particular album could remain in my heart?

[Download Passion Pit - To Kingdom Come]

The lead singer and songwriter, Michael Angelakos, says he wants to be the next Randy Newman. Whenever I listen to the song "To Kingdom Come", I think I hear the influences of Newman. Maybe.

The best part of this album? The remixes that people have done off its release! I share one below from Wallpaper:

[Download Passion Pit - Reeling (Wallpaper Remix)]

Passion Pit even gets in on the remixing, taking on Dan Black of the now defunct The Servant.

[Download Dan Black - Symphonies (Passion Pit Remix)]

You may not have heard of Dan Black or The Servant. Dan Black has an album coming out, so keep an eye out for that. The song Symphonies was once called HYPNTZ and was a funky cover of Biggie Smalls track. Sadly, Big's estate red-lighted that, and Dan had to write new lyrics. I am sure you are never gonna hear the old version on the radio, even though it's super hot. So...we do it for you.


[Download Dan Black - Symphonies (Passion Pit Remix)]


Tmo said...

wish the original could get more play.

Sam said...

awesome =) ... you might also like a wicked new electro pop female singer i found - Kat Valerie from STAARK ? great voice (kinda sexy, kinda quirky) + great music too > def check it!

mookie said...

@neu checking it out now. very cool. thanks for the heads up!

Bert said...

check out The Coolness

bad taste electro-pop!