Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A couple from the latest Grizzly Bear album

Here's a band I am sure most of the indie kids are lapping up right now. I got a chance to catch Grizzly Bear before Radiohead last August, and while they were good technically speaking, they were....well....rigid. Staying in one spot for the most part, and sans any real energy. Then again, it's sort of who they are. They don't make songs - for the most part - that really make someone energized and jumpy. Their music is often atmospheric and chill. Hell, when Adult Swim starts using your music for their now almost legendary Bumps? You've made it. Here's a clip of the Bump using their cut "Easier".

Well, these two songs here are from their latest album, Veckatimest. The tracks are somewhat of a departure from Yellow House, and this is a pretty good thing. They offer a more full composition in regards to songwriting and melodies, and tend to be less rough around the edges. So here are the tracks "Two Weeks" and "Cheerleader". Now go buy their album!

[Download Grizzly Bear - Cheerleader]

[Download Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks]

Now, get your ass in gear and go buy this. Or I tell your mom. After I've slept with her, of course.

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haizee said...

awesome tunes. The Fred Falke remix of "Two Weeks" has been fueling my entire existence for the past few days...