Monday, March 23, 2009

POST #116! Hooray! Congrats, in ALL caps!

I really wanted to celebrate our 100th post, but apparently I lost track. Post number 100 was my scathing rant about my neighbor bob.


Well, fuck it, we celebrate post number 116! Amazing!

We got a great team here at inALLcaps Music Blog. When I look back over the last 115 posts, I start to beam. Zink and TLO have done an amazing job with me to share some great music to you our readers.

In honor of post one hundred and SIXteen, I would like to present to you my top 6 most played artists of all time. These are the bands/artists I know I can count on when I need good music on a bad day or to stay focused while getting some work done. I hope you enjoy them all, and maybe pick up an album or two.

Thanks for sticking with us and telling your friends. We are really picking up speed, and we can't wait to show you some more great music in the next 116. Much love...Mookie.

6. Ben Harper
I have singlehandedly turned more people into fans with this track right here. If there is a jukebox with this on it, it is getting played. Everytime I go in there. My friends and I sing it happily. This usually will get some soul to ask, what is this amazing song. "Ben Harper dude. He's great!" we exclaim! Already a fan? Have you heard of the Relentless 7? Yeah. Thought so. Ben Harpers new band. Harder, edgier, more balls. New album on the way soon. Keep an eye out...or just check here everyday. Once it drops we will be telling you about it!

[Ben Harper - Burn One Down (Alone in Cambridge)]

5. Manchester Orchestra
You already know I have much love for this band. I listened to the album "Like A Virgin Losing a Child" on MF'ing repeat. It's THE album of 2006, 2007, and 2008. The bands new album, "Mean Everything to Nothing", comes out April 21st I believe. I cannot wait. To hold us over, Andy rocked an acoustic set over at

4. Idiot Pilot
Is it me, or does alt rock go really well with electronica? Idiot Pilot is from Bellingham, Washington. That's kinda all I know about them. How did they end up in my post of the most ever played albums in my iTunes? The song below, kicks such ass, that you would just leave it on repeat for hour on end too...

[Idiot Pilot - A Day in the Life of a Poolshark]

3. Fall Out Boy
The Grammy-nominated pop punk band is a favorite of mine. Pete, as a lyricist, is clever and the band rocks. We've mentioned them before, so peep it.

2. Bayside
We've mentioned Bayside a few times here. This is a great rock/punk band with strong lyrics and powerful music. They are are fantastic live. What are you waiting for?

...and the number one most played artist?

1. The Working Title
It actually surprises me that this is the number one played band in my iTunes. They are great, I love to listen to them. Reminds me of an edgier Lovedrug. Gets me in the zone though. Yet, not sure that TWT would actually make any of my top ten lists. Strange. The band has finished their next album titled "Bone Island"...I'll definitely be picking that up. What do you think of them? Post a comment!

[The Working Title - This Is Not Glorious]

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The Little One said...

On my face there is a change
And all these scars are floating away
I cross my arms and take on the rain
I'm on my way I am awake

Love The Working Title... By the way, guess another album that is missing after the rebuild! I wonder if the CD is still around here somewhere.