Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More stuff I just really like......

I had a bit of a buying spree on digital download site Stompy recently. They handle mostly electronic stuff, so there's your warning for what's listed here today.

The first of the two is another DFA track that just is a huge winner in my book. It's Shit Robot's "Lonely Planet" off of the Chasm - EP. I'm pretty surprised I haven't seen this track floating around on the blogs, to be honest. This is just a gorgeous track. My only gripe is that it could've easily been twice as long, and still been just as good. That's not really a complaint, however. So enjoy!

[Download Shit Robot - Lonely Planet]

Next is a track that I used to play all the time when I DJed. Anyone that's seen the movie Snatch and is a huge fan of it will know the bass lick that you hear right off the bat. This is a house track, so it does get repetitive, but I can easily listen to this over and over, if only to figure out what the fuck Brad Pitt is saying in the quote used! Don't bother trying the DVD. I did that. Under any subtitles? This one line is the only one that doesn't come up as intelligible. Fuck! Well, here's "Dirty Snatch" off of the Igloo label. Oh, and it's supposedly common knowledge that house legend Derrick Carter made this, but I've never had that confirmed. Anyone that can? Get's a big prize. A smile on my face.

[Download - Korin Ladke - Dirty Snatch]

Yes. Buy this stuff. Or you can buy some flowers for your mom. She deserves some nice flowers. Especially if she has a kid that doesn't buy the fuckin' music they listen to, because that makes her sad!

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