Monday, March 9, 2009

Glowsticks in the air!

With a career spanning more than seventeen years, Robert Oleysyck has emerged as one of the worlds most talented, diverse, and respected DJs. Roberts list of accomplishments not only speaks volumes about his dedication to the art and total immersion in the music industry, but his personal belief in music as the soundtrack of life and an ultimate form of expression.

[The Dandy Warhols - Scientist (Robert Oleysyck Extended Edit)]

I first heard Oleysyck spinning at the famous Utopia in Las Vegas. It was this night when I realized that I wanted to be a DJ. Robert was flawless behind the decks. At the time he was mostly spinning the most epic of trance tunes. He would blend them seamlessly and deep. Creating something new in the middle.

I didn't even like Trance, and I don't really like Trance now, but with a surgeon-like precision that Robert O brings, you could fall in love with whatever he was working with that night.

As a driving force in the west coast for many years, Robert captivates and inspiring audiences with his unique blend of forward thinking electronic music. Whether he's playing house, progressive, breaks, trance, or even a mix of rock, 80s, hip-hop and electronica, his ability to seamlessly merge a variety of styles into a cohesive, inspirational, entertaining set, has won over the hearts of legions of fans and industry peers. Known as one of the best programmers and most technically fluid DJs around, his vast knowledge of music and the science behind the art allows him to create true magic.

I recently rediscovered Robert while looking for a good mix cd to listen to while getting some writing done. He's on myspace and facebook, so it was not hard to find him.

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Robert immigrated to New York in 1974. His fascination with beats and drums was apparent at an early age, and served as a vehicle for his burgeoning musical interests. It wasn't until Robert went to college at Villanova in Philadelphia (oddly enough as a Pre-Med Major) that he first discovered DJing. In a short time, Robert started mastering his mixing abilities at mobile gigs, college bars, and frat parties spinning diverse sets that included music by New Order, Depeche Mode, Information Society and Grand Master Flash. Robert's style began to develop more when he moved to Memphis, and was exposed to artists such as Kraftwerk, Dee-Lite, Black Box and Front 242. There, Robert carefully blended alternative electronic sounds like Depeche Mode with Italian House and Hip House. Las Vegas was the pivotal shift in Robert's style and career. In the early 90s, he began incorporating artists like Fluke, Jam & Spoon, The Prodigy, and Moby into his gigs at infamous venues like the Palladium and the Shark Club, constantly walking a fine line between educating audiences with new sounds, while entertaining them with classics and favorites.

[Simian Mobile Disco - I Believe(Robert Oleysyck Extended Edit)]

After downloading a few mix CDs (Look for the This is Not Commercial series) I discovered Oleysyck has posted some of his remixes and re-edits for download. As a DJ myself, I was interested. He's got some choice stuff to share. A few I have re-shared here for you, but if you want more, check out his download site.


Unknown said...

damn straight - robert is awesome! he needs to do a world tour and give everyone a taste of what he's been serving up to vegas for years!

mookie said...

Renot: you speak the truth. Thinks for visiting the site and leaving a comment! Maybe we will meet up at his next gig!