Wednesday, March 25, 2009

After my wild rant on shitty music last week......

So initially, I was really wanting to post this Diplo cut I heard recently. I mean, this shit is just brilliant. However, since I've maintained some semblance of contact with his people, I wanted to give a heads up and get an OK. Well, the track "Smash A Kangaroo", it turns out, is actually on an album where the profits go to help give music-education to underprivileged indigenous kids in Australia. Here's what turntable lab has to say about the cut:

Earlier this year while touring in Australia, Diplo got the chance to do some music workshops with kids incarcerated in a juvenile detention center in the rural Maningrida district. Because of the restrictions placed on the kids by the Australian government, the results of those sessions may not ever get a full release, but for now we've got "Smash A Kangaroo," a one-off charity single produced by Diplo and featuring, well, the kids! If you haven't heard this one yet, think Wilcannia Mob, the young Indigenous Australian rappers who appeared on M.I.A.'s album earlier this year. Also includes the instrumental version, which is exclusive to TTL Digital.

Now, get your ass over to the Heaps Decent website, and check that shit out! I don't want none of you peeps to be cheapin' out! This track is well beyond hot!

Okay, now on to what you guys are probably here for - some music. First off, yes I actually own all of this stuff. I spent the better part of about 7 years DJing, so I have managed to collect a lot of vinyl, and have even bought a lot of this digitally, as well. The tracks below are all just shit hot. If you guys haven't heard of Switch? You should be ashamed. Granted, the only really good cut on M.I.A.'s Kala is the Diplo produced "Paper Planes", and not Dave Taylor's contribution, but Switch hasn't really been the same since Trevor Loveys took off on his own. And yes, Dave Taylor was indeed part of Solid Groove before that, and they were just as fuckin' hot.

So here you go guys. A few tracks I like, and today, most are Switch and Solid Groove heavy, with a pretty much unknown Felix Da Housecat remix tossed in for good measure.

First off are the Switch and Solid Groove cuts. First off is a tweeked out - and it's called "Untitled", actually - track they remixed for Blackjoy that's featured on the Freerange compilation that collects the remixes Switch/Solid Groove have done for them. It's unbelievably good. Seriously. I mean it. If you have a seizure listening to it? It's because of all the soda you drank. Not because of how awesome this cut is.

[Download Blackjoy - Untitled (Solid Groove remix)]

Next is a Solid Groove original that's on another Freerange compilation - Colour Series : Yellow 01. It's very upbeat and bouncy. Dig this. Here's "Jus Everybody" by Solid Groove.

[Download Solid Groove - Jus Everybody]

Here's Switch at their best. The track is "Get On Downz" and is 100% filthy and hot. Take a listen. It's worth at least one listen!

[Download Switch - Get On Downz]

Next is the last of the Switch stuff. It's a remix they did for the group Playgroup, which featured KC Flightt. Those old school househeads will remember KC Flightt from the track "Voices". A classic. Anyhow, here's the Switch remix of "Front 2 Back". Probably my favorite of all the Switch cuts here.

[Download Playgroup - Front 2 Back (Switch remix)]

Last is a little treat. I got lazy and didn't want to dig through all my records to find this, so I bought it on iTunes. It's the Felix Da Housecat remix of Garbage's "Androgyny". Not too many people seem to know about this one. Take my word - it's awesome. He has a pretty simple formula and stays with it, and on this particular remix, it works well.

[Download Garbage - Androgyny (Felix Da Housecat remix)]

And of course? Go buy some of this! Don't be a deadbeat! If you are going to be a deadbeat, at least wear a stained t-shirt and live in a trailer. At least then I could go, "Well, he had a trailer!" Then I could just shrug my shoulders and have no answer to your impoverished lifestyle.


Anonymous said...

Switch is one guy dude, Dave Taylor!

Walt Zink said...

oh, i know he's one guy. but it used to be two for a brief time. trevor loveys worked with dave taylor as switch for some time. since loveys left, though, switch just ain't as good.