Monday, March 30, 2009


Are you ready to ROCK?

If you haven't played Guitar Hero World Tour yet, where exactly have you been?

Guitar Hero World Tour transforms music gaming by expanding Guitar Hero's signature guitar gameplay into a cooperative band experience that combines advanced wireless instruments with online and offline gameplay modes including online Band Career and 8-player "Battle of the Bands," which allows two full bands to compete head-to-head online. The game features a slick redesigned guitar, an authentic electronic drum kit, and a microphone, as well as a Music Studio music creator that lets players compose, record, edit and share their own rock ‘n’ roll anthems.

It's great fun...and probably good for you too. I can get a sort of workout from the game....or at least an increased level of flexibility and hand-eye coordination.

...and if you are like me, this might be your first taste of what it's like to participate in Karaoke in the privacy and safety of your own home!

Sunday, my brother and his girlfriend Boopsy, and me and the Little One got down for a "gig" or two. Boopsy had a tough time on the drums, but The Little One jumped in to cover drums while Boopsy got sent to the front of the band to sing. TLO even got a 555 note streak during a song! We all stopped to congratulate her on that amazing skin session. [Note from TLO: you did?!] [Reply Note from Mookie: you might have been too busy basking in your own awesomeness to hear us?!]

The fun and shenanigans began when my brother decided he wanted to give singing a go with the punk fueled anthem Prisoner of Society by The Living End.

Well, even on easy, the drums proved difficult for the seasoned drummer that TLO has become over the months. Even after three or four attempts at it.

Mookie to the rescue.

I rocked this song. It was damn fun! You really had to internalize the rhythm to hit the very fast notes on the snare and cymbals.

555 note streak my ass!

LOL honor of that fun time we share with you that song from that game.

[The Living End - Prisoner of Society]

The Living End are from Melbourne, Australia. It's off their self titled album released in 1995 and made it #23 on the American Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart.

My brother loved singing it, maybe you would too?

Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm only going to heaven if it tastes like caramel

I often have trouble with electro music, and I almost always find it difficult to get through an album that suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. But Made in the Dark by Hot Chip must match the exact coordinates of my brainwaves, because I am all over it. When Mark Pytlik from Pitchfork reviewed it, he said:
"But of all of their many virtues, focus isn't one... A string of self-conscious interruptions, perfect pop moments, show-offy sonics, and inscrutable non-sequiturs, the lovable but flawed Made in the Dark has moments that come off as almost gluttonous-- and that's even by Hot Chip's standards."
He might as well have been talking about me! Am I right or am I right?

This album is a year old already, but how I suddenly became the review-every-new-album chick, I don't know. I'm sharing this with you just because.
If you haven't checked out Hot Chip yet, please let me introduce you.
This is a five piece band from London, all of whom possess DJ backgrounds. They found themselves in good company at this year's Grammy awards, with "Ready for the Floor" nominated alongside Daft Punk's eighty-fifth rendition of "Harder Better Faster Stronger" for Best Dance Recording.

I am just in love with the flow of this album, where the synth is not overused but I still get a zippy (yes I said zippy) vibe from the faster tracks, and it only took a second listen to fall right in place with the ballads that are interspersed throughout. Perhaps it's because each track consistently possesses cute, witty, sappy, silly, or just plain inane lyrics.

This is the track whose refrain nearly made the title for this blog post. I think it's a good representation of the album: a nice mix of the electro pop and the slow burn tracks on Made in the Dark.

[Hot Chip - One Pure Thought]

What is it, I don't remember
Made my being so much better
If I can have just one pure thought

The boys are reportedly back at work in the studio, without any tour commitments on the horizon. The idea was originally to work fervently to release the album in Fall 2009, but they have been drawn in to play a track here or there in support of some good causes already this year, such as War Child and Crisis.

They're a group of top blokes, I reckon. I want to share with you just one more song, and then you can get to the checkout section, because you know you want to.

[Hot Chip - We're Looking for a Lot of Love]

Every time that we walk the streets
I try my best to keep up with the beat
You're everything that I never could keep
I hear the sound and it starts to repeat

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

After my wild rant on shitty music last week......

So initially, I was really wanting to post this Diplo cut I heard recently. I mean, this shit is just brilliant. However, since I've maintained some semblance of contact with his people, I wanted to give a heads up and get an OK. Well, the track "Smash A Kangaroo", it turns out, is actually on an album where the profits go to help give music-education to underprivileged indigenous kids in Australia. Here's what turntable lab has to say about the cut:

Earlier this year while touring in Australia, Diplo got the chance to do some music workshops with kids incarcerated in a juvenile detention center in the rural Maningrida district. Because of the restrictions placed on the kids by the Australian government, the results of those sessions may not ever get a full release, but for now we've got "Smash A Kangaroo," a one-off charity single produced by Diplo and featuring, well, the kids! If you haven't heard this one yet, think Wilcannia Mob, the young Indigenous Australian rappers who appeared on M.I.A.'s album earlier this year. Also includes the instrumental version, which is exclusive to TTL Digital.

Now, get your ass over to the Heaps Decent website, and check that shit out! I don't want none of you peeps to be cheapin' out! This track is well beyond hot!

Okay, now on to what you guys are probably here for - some music. First off, yes I actually own all of this stuff. I spent the better part of about 7 years DJing, so I have managed to collect a lot of vinyl, and have even bought a lot of this digitally, as well. The tracks below are all just shit hot. If you guys haven't heard of Switch? You should be ashamed. Granted, the only really good cut on M.I.A.'s Kala is the Diplo produced "Paper Planes", and not Dave Taylor's contribution, but Switch hasn't really been the same since Trevor Loveys took off on his own. And yes, Dave Taylor was indeed part of Solid Groove before that, and they were just as fuckin' hot.

So here you go guys. A few tracks I like, and today, most are Switch and Solid Groove heavy, with a pretty much unknown Felix Da Housecat remix tossed in for good measure.

First off are the Switch and Solid Groove cuts. First off is a tweeked out - and it's called "Untitled", actually - track they remixed for Blackjoy that's featured on the Freerange compilation that collects the remixes Switch/Solid Groove have done for them. It's unbelievably good. Seriously. I mean it. If you have a seizure listening to it? It's because of all the soda you drank. Not because of how awesome this cut is.

[Download Blackjoy - Untitled (Solid Groove remix)]

Next is a Solid Groove original that's on another Freerange compilation - Colour Series : Yellow 01. It's very upbeat and bouncy. Dig this. Here's "Jus Everybody" by Solid Groove.

[Download Solid Groove - Jus Everybody]

Here's Switch at their best. The track is "Get On Downz" and is 100% filthy and hot. Take a listen. It's worth at least one listen!

[Download Switch - Get On Downz]

Next is the last of the Switch stuff. It's a remix they did for the group Playgroup, which featured KC Flightt. Those old school househeads will remember KC Flightt from the track "Voices". A classic. Anyhow, here's the Switch remix of "Front 2 Back". Probably my favorite of all the Switch cuts here.

[Download Playgroup - Front 2 Back (Switch remix)]

Last is a little treat. I got lazy and didn't want to dig through all my records to find this, so I bought it on iTunes. It's the Felix Da Housecat remix of Garbage's "Androgyny". Not too many people seem to know about this one. Take my word - it's awesome. He has a pretty simple formula and stays with it, and on this particular remix, it works well.

[Download Garbage - Androgyny (Felix Da Housecat remix)]

And of course? Go buy some of this! Don't be a deadbeat! If you are going to be a deadbeat, at least wear a stained t-shirt and live in a trailer. At least then I could go, "Well, he had a trailer!" Then I could just shrug my shoulders and have no answer to your impoverished lifestyle.

Monday, March 23, 2009

POST #116! Hooray! Congrats, in ALL caps!

I really wanted to celebrate our 100th post, but apparently I lost track. Post number 100 was my scathing rant about my neighbor bob.


Well, fuck it, we celebrate post number 116! Amazing!

We got a great team here at inALLcaps Music Blog. When I look back over the last 115 posts, I start to beam. Zink and TLO have done an amazing job with me to share some great music to you our readers.

In honor of post one hundred and SIXteen, I would like to present to you my top 6 most played artists of all time. These are the bands/artists I know I can count on when I need good music on a bad day or to stay focused while getting some work done. I hope you enjoy them all, and maybe pick up an album or two.

Thanks for sticking with us and telling your friends. We are really picking up speed, and we can't wait to show you some more great music in the next 116. Much love...Mookie.

6. Ben Harper
I have singlehandedly turned more people into fans with this track right here. If there is a jukebox with this on it, it is getting played. Everytime I go in there. My friends and I sing it happily. This usually will get some soul to ask, what is this amazing song. "Ben Harper dude. He's great!" we exclaim! Already a fan? Have you heard of the Relentless 7? Yeah. Thought so. Ben Harpers new band. Harder, edgier, more balls. New album on the way soon. Keep an eye out...or just check here everyday. Once it drops we will be telling you about it!

[Ben Harper - Burn One Down (Alone in Cambridge)]

5. Manchester Orchestra
You already know I have much love for this band. I listened to the album "Like A Virgin Losing a Child" on MF'ing repeat. It's THE album of 2006, 2007, and 2008. The bands new album, "Mean Everything to Nothing", comes out April 21st I believe. I cannot wait. To hold us over, Andy rocked an acoustic set over at

4. Idiot Pilot
Is it me, or does alt rock go really well with electronica? Idiot Pilot is from Bellingham, Washington. That's kinda all I know about them. How did they end up in my post of the most ever played albums in my iTunes? The song below, kicks such ass, that you would just leave it on repeat for hour on end too...

[Idiot Pilot - A Day in the Life of a Poolshark]

3. Fall Out Boy
The Grammy-nominated pop punk band is a favorite of mine. Pete, as a lyricist, is clever and the band rocks. We've mentioned them before, so peep it.

2. Bayside
We've mentioned Bayside a few times here. This is a great rock/punk band with strong lyrics and powerful music. They are are fantastic live. What are you waiting for?

...and the number one most played artist?

1. The Working Title
It actually surprises me that this is the number one played band in my iTunes. They are great, I love to listen to them. Reminds me of an edgier Lovedrug. Gets me in the zone though. Yet, not sure that TWT would actually make any of my top ten lists. Strange. The band has finished their next album titled "Bone Island"...I'll definitely be picking that up. What do you think of them? Post a comment!

[The Working Title - This Is Not Glorious]

Saturday, March 21, 2009

And these hazards of love nevermore will trouble us

For some reason, I don't fully understand the incessant comparisons between Neutral Milk Hotel and The Decemberists. "They're like Neutral Milk Hotel," I could understand. But "they're no Neutral Milk hotel," I have a hard time with, since the latter band formed long after NMH stopped recording albums.

A criticism for sounding like the band that influenced you? This makes no sense. Is it a regional thing? That a band from the pacific northwest shouldn't dare sound like a band from the south?

Ah... Is that it? Harrison Hudson! Another twitter calling-out of a band! Wait, add it up... Harrison is from the south... Hmmm... Do I have a theory in the works?

What about Death Cab for Cutie? These three groups are often pitted against each other as if in a favorite child competition. What's with this? It makes me conjure Max Bemis...
Despite your pseudo-bohemian appearance and vaguely leftist doctrine of beliefs, you know nothing ABOUT art or sex that you couldn't read in any trendy new york underground fashion magazine...Proto-typical non-conformist. You are a vacuous soldier of the thrift store gestapo. You adhere to a set of standards and tastes that appear to be determined by an unseen panel of hipster judges-BULLSHIT-giving your thumbs up and thumbs down to incoming and outgoing trends and styles of music and art. Go analog baby, you're so post-modern. You're diving face forward into an antiquated past, it's disgusting! It's offensive! Don't stick your nose up at me!

Oh beanie-wearing artsies... Can't we all just get along? Let's get to the album review and leave the competition behind. This Tuesday, The Decemberists' fifth studio album is to be released. (And I will beat the horse for just a moment to point out that The Decemberists are still making music.) This album, The Hazards of Love, may be the album to catapult the band past the other indie/experimentals into first position in the hearts of the genre's followers, although the reviewers at Entertainment Weekly seem to disagree - they assigned a D+. Then again, that particular reviewer doesn't seem to appreciate rock operas in the first place.

A rock opera? Yes. That's what The Hazards of Love is. And for the first time in a long time, I can conceptualize the story from beginning to end on such an effort. Track 10, "The Rake's Song", is probably one of the best illustrations of such. Look, I appreciate metaphor in song. But in a rock opera, you've got to be literal. And I love that about this song. And you can count on The Decemberists to utilize historical, outdated, or just plain British colloquialisms throughout their lyrics. Do you know what a rake is?

[The Decemberists - The Rakes Song ]

Another item to appreciate about The Decemberists is that this opera is being performed in its entirety at their live performances, such as at South by Southwest last week. It's meant to be heard all at one sitting; should it not, then, be performed all at once? This album gets The Little One's approval. It's good. Sit back on some cushy tasseled pillows with a hookah and enjoy it. I especially appreciate the album art. It's just as I would have imagined for this story.

Just one more item, to further confuse my pac-nw versus deep indie south theory, The Decemberists are slated to play Bonnaroo in June, but not Sasquatch! in May. They'll be playing two phases of a tour over the summer, so browse their myspace or their website to follow them.

Tell me now, tell me this,
A forest's son, a river's daughter,
A willow on the willow wisp,
our ghosts will wander all of the water.

So let's be married here today
these rushing waves to bear our witness,
And we will lie like river stones
rolling only where it takes us.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hi, the guy who tried too hard called. He was asking for you.....

Okay, this week are two songs - one of which I sort of liked - whose videos make me want to stab my eyes out.

The first is one sent to me to promote a new remix album Bloc Party will be releasing soon. This is the video for the Armand Van Helden remix of "Signs". This is an absolutely atrocious remix, and the video smacks of a few people in a room going, "You know what we could do? We could make the video SO controversial, that people could actually stand to listen to the horrible song!" And then they all agree, have a few drinks, then do massive amounts of drugs and make this godawful video. Song is horrible, video is marginally better. And I'm saying this as a fan of Armand Van Helden. Circa 1998, that is. Now I'm convinced he can't make anything worth a flying fuck, any more. This just proves my point.

The next one is for a song I just recently heard by a band by the name of Empire of the Sun. First of all, their MySpace page looks like an example of what happens when your ego goes horribly wrong. "Join The Empire"? No fucking thanks. Not to mention there's some annoying girlie-punk-crap player someone embedded so I couldn't even listen to the band whose music I wanted to hear. Guess it's for the better. So I viewed this video for the song "Walking On A Dream" and oh my god. It's so fucking terrible. I now can't even stand the song. That's sad. Someone please give me my dignity back.

You know what? Normally I tell you to buy the music, right? Well fuck that this week. Instead, I'll tell you to buy the random shit I have below. At least you'll get some use from it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

If I was Eddie Vedder, would you like me any better?

I have always thought Local H was great, but perhaps a little inconsistent. That's not the case with their latest effort.

So baby could you do me a favor
fall off of the earth and I'll see ya later

12 Angry Months is an album of twelve tracks. Each track represents one month in the year after a relationship has ended.

Local H decided to make a concept album (not the first time). They have taken back the "Break-up" album from the emo kids. Local H wasn't going to make the "feel sorry for myself" kinda break-up album. Local H has made the "ANGRY, bitter" break-up album. And then there was light.

All I can think of now is whether break-up is hyphenated or not.

Local H is an unusual band in that it only has two members. Scott Lucas is the singer, guitarist, and bassist for the band. The other member is Brian St. Clair who plays the drums.

I've been a fan of Local H since Bound For the Floor in 1996. For some reason though, I lost interest once I heard the album Here Comes the Zoo. I have recently re-listened (is that fucking hyphenated?) and come to realize it's better than I remember, but still leaves much to be desired.

I have lost countless CDs and books and furniture after a breakup. Mostly my fault. In an effort to make an uncomfortable situation easier for that person leaving my life, I just stay out of the "This is mine and that is yours" conversations. Although for years afterwards I curse their names when I am looking for my Watchmen graphic novel or that electric drill or the food get the point.

But one of the hardest things to split up, as Lucas so eloquently wonders in this lyric from The One With "Kid":

So now which one is the owner of the friends we made together and how do we divide a city and the bars where we drank forever

[Local H - The One With 'Kid']

You shouldn't fucking be able to stay friendly with my friends after we break up. Go find your own new friends. Now when I visit my friend I get to see your ass again? Pour the salt on and tell me how you guys are best friends now. Are you fucking him too? That's what I just heard.

I know, it's irrational. Well, you are a better person than I. It's a bitch move. While you're at it, I want all my shit back. All of it. Lucas continues:

Give me my Zeppelin CDs you know you took them I know you did
Wheres my Pretenders record you know the one the one with Kid
Wheres all my AC/DCs my Interpol my Libertines
Wheres all my Kyuss records you never liked them untill you met me

(Editor's note: I never even heard of Kyuss before hearing this song, and I just discovered they rock. Here's a freebie if you promise to buy the album at the end of the post.)

[Kyuss - Conan Troutman]

Though, it's not all angry and bitter. There is one song, The Summer of Boats, that definitely is a sad and ballad-like. We gents do have hearts. We are capable of reflecting, and reminiscing.
Then there is track six, otherwise known as June, AKA Taxi-Cabs. This month might be rife with a bit of abusive behavior. Partying hard, trying to forget. Tearing through drugs and women, just to blur the memories.

After that it's a few months of the rebound, and then the realization that it's all bullshit. A grand waste of time, because in the grand scheme it's fucking meaningless.

The message: It will all happen again. Endings are beginnings after all.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Black Hole Sun, won't you come?

I thought Trent Reznor was just being mean and overly critical. He sent the following tweet after listening to Scream:

The album starts out with some sort of horrific trumpet fanfare and I am already cringing. wtfwtfwtfwtf is all I can think. Mookie is overjoyed because he has hated Chris Cornell ever since he took up with Rage Against the Machine members to form Audioslave. I, on the other hand, have remained faithfully devoted since Badmotorfinger in 1991. I was down with the whole Seattle thing and all the roles Cornell played in it. Screaming Trees. Temple of the Dog. Alice in Chains. SINGLES!

[Chris Cornell - Seasons]

If I should be short on words, and long on things to say...

The thing I have most loved about Cornell, other than his general hotness (swoon), is his impeccable gift of lyricism, as showcased above in one of his first solo efforts, from 1992's movie soundtrack to "Singles". So as I attempted to give track 1, "Part of Me", a fair listen through my cringes and distorted facial expressions, I had hope that this song would start to make sense.

Alas, it is a hip hop song, and it's not supposed to make any damn sense at all. So, it doesn't.

I love the man. I support him in wanting to do something fun. Wouldn't you make a record with Timbaland if you were given the chance? I just can't fathom how he can call a track finished, and sign his name to it, when the lyrics read like the ecstasy-induced scattered thoughts of a clubgoer.

He considers the album "an interesting sociological experiment," since people seem to be more concerned about who is making the music rather than the music itself.

Well... OK, I am trying to follow you here, but... I don't. "Of those who are given much, much is expected." That's my rule, baby.

"That part's kinda fun," Cornell, 44, told Reuters in a recent interview. "If someone is up in arms about the idea of an artist that they really care about doing something that they just can't believe, it begs that question, 'Well, what is it that you would want? Would you then want predictable, comfortable salad that gets reproduced year after year?'"

"The Answer is: listen to Bad Religion and yes," says Mookie.

The title track is a disaster. Since when does Chris Cornell have to be obvious with his lyrics? It makes me want to cry.

Take a minute to tell you now
Don't have to raise my tone
Take the level and bring it down
I just want you to know
I got no trouble with what you said
I don't even think you're wrong
It's how you say it
You lose your head
Girl I'm standing right in front of you

It's a travesty. You may find it funny, Chris, but I adore you, and it's not funny. There is one somewhat redeeming track on the album. I was able to enjoy "Enemy." And look, the music on the album is really good, and I should add the disclaimer that I really don't like present-day hip hop. This is probably a really enjoyable album for Timbaland faithfuls and others who don't know what flannel is.

Check out "Enemy":

[Chris Cornell - Enemy]

There are 15 tracks on this album. 15 tracks! I don't think I can listen a second time. I'm sorry. I'm proud of you, Chris...I'm glad you are enjoying this. I'm just not there with you.

For $10, though, you might as well try the 15 track "Scream". Listen to it and tell me what you think. And if you're feeling nostalgic, or interested in what I loved back in the 90's, you can check out some of the other grunge projects CC has participated in. And for God's sake, get Singles.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A very simple song and a very angry one also.....

This is one I've been hearing a lot lately. There's a bar up here in Boston called Bukowski's that I try to stop into every so often. Well, they generally play whatever the fuck they want, and this is a song I've heard a few times while in there. If you're not familiar with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, I'd suggest learning a bit about them. We're in that phase of music where we're getting a few people copycatting what they did. I guess that's good.

Well, here we have the first track off of The Boatman's Call from 1997. The track is titled "Into My Arms" and is just a gorgeous little cut that's become somewhat of a classic.

The next cut is also Nick Cave, albeit in a much different form. The group Grinderman consists of most of the members from the Bad Seeds, but has a much different sound than what most would really be used to. This is "No Pussy Blues" off of the debut by Grinderman.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand go buy some of this. Or else your penis will fall off. If you're a chick and you don't buy some of it? Well, you'll grow a thick moustache. That's how karma works.

I loved that Grinderman song. LOVED. I found a Midfield General remix that I can't wait to play out, and I'm dying to share it with you. Hope Zink don't mind!

[Grinderman - No Pussy Blues (Midfield General Remix)]

Monday, March 9, 2009

Glowsticks in the air!

With a career spanning more than seventeen years, Robert Oleysyck has emerged as one of the worlds most talented, diverse, and respected DJs. Roberts list of accomplishments not only speaks volumes about his dedication to the art and total immersion in the music industry, but his personal belief in music as the soundtrack of life and an ultimate form of expression.

[The Dandy Warhols - Scientist (Robert Oleysyck Extended Edit)]

I first heard Oleysyck spinning at the famous Utopia in Las Vegas. It was this night when I realized that I wanted to be a DJ. Robert was flawless behind the decks. At the time he was mostly spinning the most epic of trance tunes. He would blend them seamlessly and deep. Creating something new in the middle.

I didn't even like Trance, and I don't really like Trance now, but with a surgeon-like precision that Robert O brings, you could fall in love with whatever he was working with that night.

As a driving force in the west coast for many years, Robert captivates and inspiring audiences with his unique blend of forward thinking electronic music. Whether he's playing house, progressive, breaks, trance, or even a mix of rock, 80s, hip-hop and electronica, his ability to seamlessly merge a variety of styles into a cohesive, inspirational, entertaining set, has won over the hearts of legions of fans and industry peers. Known as one of the best programmers and most technically fluid DJs around, his vast knowledge of music and the science behind the art allows him to create true magic.

I recently rediscovered Robert while looking for a good mix cd to listen to while getting some writing done. He's on myspace and facebook, so it was not hard to find him.

Born in Seoul, South Korea, Robert immigrated to New York in 1974. His fascination with beats and drums was apparent at an early age, and served as a vehicle for his burgeoning musical interests. It wasn't until Robert went to college at Villanova in Philadelphia (oddly enough as a Pre-Med Major) that he first discovered DJing. In a short time, Robert started mastering his mixing abilities at mobile gigs, college bars, and frat parties spinning diverse sets that included music by New Order, Depeche Mode, Information Society and Grand Master Flash. Robert's style began to develop more when he moved to Memphis, and was exposed to artists such as Kraftwerk, Dee-Lite, Black Box and Front 242. There, Robert carefully blended alternative electronic sounds like Depeche Mode with Italian House and Hip House. Las Vegas was the pivotal shift in Robert's style and career. In the early 90s, he began incorporating artists like Fluke, Jam & Spoon, The Prodigy, and Moby into his gigs at infamous venues like the Palladium and the Shark Club, constantly walking a fine line between educating audiences with new sounds, while entertaining them with classics and favorites.

[Simian Mobile Disco - I Believe(Robert Oleysyck Extended Edit)]

After downloading a few mix CDs (Look for the This is Not Commercial series) I discovered Oleysyck has posted some of his remixes and re-edits for download. As a DJ myself, I was interested. He's got some choice stuff to share. A few I have re-shared here for you, but if you want more, check out his download site.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Your mind always goes to a dark place

It was unlike any other work of cinema.

And the series was unlike any other graphic novel at the time.

Nobody checked at the doors whether I had read the series and thus possessed proper credentials to get in. I was an invited guest. I'm very thankful for that.

The movie is amazing. It's an epic journey. I completely got the feel for the alternate reality that felt as if it were floating through time despite the dates read from Rorschach's journal.

The music chosen for a film is essential, and sometimes critical, in setting this feel. I love that both the original tracks and covered tracks were used, again mirroring the flow through a mostly undefined place in time.

One of the covers was done by My Chemical Romance. Below, check out the making of the video for "Desolation Row", a Bob Dylan cover. And apparently, Gerard Way is qualified to record a song for The Watchmen.

Now at midnight all the agents
And the superhuman crew
Come out and round up everyone
That knows more than they do

I also loved the well-placed inclusion of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah." The movie is brilliant, and despite the fact that not all songs that made the soundtrack are favorites, I believe they were expertly chosen.

Get in the mood now with some Jimi Hendrix.

[Jimi Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower]

See the movie, buy the soundtrack, read the series. That is all.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More stuff I just really like......

I had a bit of a buying spree on digital download site Stompy recently. They handle mostly electronic stuff, so there's your warning for what's listed here today.

The first of the two is another DFA track that just is a huge winner in my book. It's Shit Robot's "Lonely Planet" off of the Chasm - EP. I'm pretty surprised I haven't seen this track floating around on the blogs, to be honest. This is just a gorgeous track. My only gripe is that it could've easily been twice as long, and still been just as good. That's not really a complaint, however. So enjoy!

[Download Shit Robot - Lonely Planet]

Next is a track that I used to play all the time when I DJed. Anyone that's seen the movie Snatch and is a huge fan of it will know the bass lick that you hear right off the bat. This is a house track, so it does get repetitive, but I can easily listen to this over and over, if only to figure out what the fuck Brad Pitt is saying in the quote used! Don't bother trying the DVD. I did that. Under any subtitles? This one line is the only one that doesn't come up as intelligible. Fuck! Well, here's "Dirty Snatch" off of the Igloo label. Oh, and it's supposedly common knowledge that house legend Derrick Carter made this, but I've never had that confirmed. Anyone that can? Get's a big prize. A smile on my face.

[Download - Korin Ladke - Dirty Snatch]

Yes. Buy this stuff. Or you can buy some flowers for your mom. She deserves some nice flowers. Especially if she has a kid that doesn't buy the fuckin' music they listen to, because that makes her sad!

Monday, March 2, 2009

I've had enough, so I'm giving up.

Will Thompson, Sam Thompson, Stephen Ross, and Z Lynch make up the rock band The Steps.

I love the sound and look of this group.

The song Pull The Cord is my favorite off the album followed closely by Dagger (video below). It's a rockin' track that I think you will dig.

[The Steps - Pull The Cord]

I asked Stephen Ross, the bass player in the band, a few questions:

I thought for sure you would be from the UK. The look. The sound. But you are from Austin, Texas! With all your touring, have you found a place you might consider leaving Austin for? Would it take much to leave Austin?
Uh...London was cool. I mean, I think we all would want to move there, that'd be sweet. I think it would still take a lot to leave here because our family and established following is in Austin

Are you Dallas Cowboys fans?
I am- I'd like to see them in the Super Bowl. Kind of a new fan, though

I love the sound of this album. It's going to be an album I have in playing in my car quite a bit. It seems like it's going to be great to drive to. Do you know what I mean? What are you listening to right now? What album/song makes you think of driving fast?
In my car right now: The Whigs- Mission Control
What makes me want to drive fast: Camaro by Kings of Leon

[Kings of Leon - Camaro]

Dagger from The Steps on Vimeo.

The video was great. Not sure if i missed the answers to this one somewhere, but; How long did it take to make this video? What, if anything, would you do different on your next video?
It took about 12 hours to make. I would film it not in the freezing cold and maybe have us come out on top in the video (since we get killed).

If you were stranded on a desert island with only one thing to eat, what would you want an endless supply of, and why?
Well I guess I would have to think nutritious. You know those little clementine oranges? Those would be tight. Or a spicy ruben.

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