Monday, March 2, 2009

I've had enough, so I'm giving up.

Will Thompson, Sam Thompson, Stephen Ross, and Z Lynch make up the rock band The Steps.

I love the sound and look of this group.

The song Pull The Cord is my favorite off the album followed closely by Dagger (video below). It's a rockin' track that I think you will dig.

[The Steps - Pull The Cord]

I asked Stephen Ross, the bass player in the band, a few questions:

I thought for sure you would be from the UK. The look. The sound. But you are from Austin, Texas! With all your touring, have you found a place you might consider leaving Austin for? Would it take much to leave Austin?
Uh...London was cool. I mean, I think we all would want to move there, that'd be sweet. I think it would still take a lot to leave here because our family and established following is in Austin

Are you Dallas Cowboys fans?
I am- I'd like to see them in the Super Bowl. Kind of a new fan, though

I love the sound of this album. It's going to be an album I have in playing in my car quite a bit. It seems like it's going to be great to drive to. Do you know what I mean? What are you listening to right now? What album/song makes you think of driving fast?
In my car right now: The Whigs- Mission Control
What makes me want to drive fast: Camaro by Kings of Leon

[Kings of Leon - Camaro]

Dagger from The Steps on Vimeo.

The video was great. Not sure if i missed the answers to this one somewhere, but; How long did it take to make this video? What, if anything, would you do different on your next video?
It took about 12 hours to make. I would film it not in the freezing cold and maybe have us come out on top in the video (since we get killed).

If you were stranded on a desert island with only one thing to eat, what would you want an endless supply of, and why?
Well I guess I would have to think nutritious. You know those little clementine oranges? Those would be tight. Or a spicy ruben.

It's SXSW time, and The Steps will be there. Catch their performance March 19th at 3PM

Get a head start and buy the album today. Play it LOUD!

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