Thursday, February 5, 2009

The dirtier the sound the best I breathe

The Manchester Orchestra has friends. Good God do they have friends. I've never felt that I could come anywhere near writing a decent blog post about this amazing band from Georgia, but the premier release from their upcoming Mean Everything to Nothing album moved me like no other recorded track of theirs ever has.

[The Manchester Orchestra- I've Got Friends]

Mookie and I discovered them together when we were researching the bands that were sharing the bill on Brand New's tour back in early 07. When I found their website, my exact words were, "this is the most independent indie band" or something to that effect. We've been able to experience them live several times in a handful of cities since then and each performance has been an event we'll never forget.

In the last few years, members of The Manchester Orchestra have managed to start their own label (speaking of having friends, they sign and work with only bands who are friends - TALENTED friends), tour with incredible bands, perform at prestigious music festivals, inspire new artists, oh... and arrive at legal age.

Regarding this period of time since the band formed, they say it's been "an absolute whirlwind of experience and life lessons most people wouldn't learn until they are 30."

A few of us here have experienced more pain and loss, but also more joy and miracles, than anyone should by the time they are 30. And we still manage to be turned inside out by the music and lyrics of The Manchester Orchestra.

Look, I don't know what the fuck this particular song is about, but it gets me. It just kills me. They know how to perform the slow, smoldering build. All elements of the sound deliver to you the heart, soul, blood, and sweat of all its contributors.

Andy Hull has used lyrics inspired by odd dreams, by confusion or confirmation of a relationship with God, and everything in between. For me personally, it gives a voice to everything that has run through my head recently and lays out a mise en place for all of the people we have in our lives and the purpose they serve, whether altruistic or selfish. And it helps me distill all of the bullshit down to the most important and compelling reasons to go forward, to breathe, to strengthen your dedication to your priorities.

If that didn't make any sense then tough for you. It makes just as much sense as the lyrics of the song.

To lighten the mood let me confess that the first time I ever sat behind the drum kit for Guitar Hero World Tour, I channeled Manchester's Jeremiah Edmond, of all the great drummers there ever were. It's true.

The Manchester Orchestra is hands down one of the greatest things to happen to music. That's all there is to say. No other witty uberblogger music expert bullshit.
The new album hits April 21. I will remind you.

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