Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh, that was supposed to be a secret!

I learned recently that Dwight Howard, center and power forward for the Orlando Magic, sings Beyonce songs while he's at the free throw line. It's funny that this giant man pumps himself up and gets focused signing Beyonce, but well...let him explain it (From ESPN's PTI):

"Ya’ all heard about that? Oh, that was supposed to be a secret!" Howard said. "Like when I’m at the free throw line I try to keep my mind off everything and I might just up there and start singing like …"

(singing) ‘I’m a single lady, I’m a single lady’ … And sometimes I might make it! It happens. I get up there and I might sing Beyonce. I don’t know why, out of all the artists, I’m supposed to be like, (makes menacing noises), like Jay-Z, or Kanye or Lil Wayne, or someone towards those lines, but I’m singing Beyonce … If I have to sing Beyonce to make a couple of free throws, I’m gonna keep doing it."

Love it!

What would you sing if you were at the free throw line and needed to get focused? My choice would be any song off the Ignition album put out by The Offspring around October 1992.

Why? The music is fast and edgy. I tend to get more focused with a little anger.

Just listening to it gets my heart beating faster. I was telling someone recently that this album makes me wanna drive very fast. Listen to the song Session and imagine you gotta get across town, weaving in and out of cars on the road. /shiver YES!

[The Offspring - Session]

The Offspring have a booty load of albums, all worth picking up. But Ignition is the best. CASE CLOSED.


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