Monday, February 2, 2009

It's only then you'll hear the sirens...

Oh thank god for the band Kid, You'll Move Mountains. I was worried I was not going to be inspired by anything to write about for my Monday post.

I checked our email account looking for something, anything...

Saw a submission by the band with the interesting name, and hoped I could judge a book by it's cover.

I suppose I can.

From the bands one sheet (a one sheet is a short summary of a thing, in this case a quick bio of the band.):

Combining each musician’s unique background, Kid, You’ll Move Mountains draws heavily upon Nate Lanthrum’s shotgun drumming, while also incorporating Wills’ ambient, effects-laden guitars and Andrew Lanthrum’s jitterbug bass lines. Yet much of the band’s haunting songs rest on the vocal interplay of [Jim] Hanke and Nina Lanthrum.

The alternating singers sashay through dark tales of love and loss, avoiding the temptation of call-and-response verses that would have left Hanke singing the salty to his female counterpart’s sweet. Instead, the vocalists share the emotional burdens, each voicing stories of looming autumn days that turn to the dead of winter, before each also sings of the hopefulness of spring.

The idea of having two vocalists in a band is not new. Straylight Run was a band that made it work well, although they have since had a reworking of their line-up and no longer have two vocalists.

Usually though, the two vocalists confuses me. It seems disjointed and disconcerting. KYMM seems to put it together well. Might also be the fact that they just rock. The music is fantastic. Fresh and vibrant.

But listen to Wives' Tale to get the taste of these two vocalists working it out. It's fantastic.

[Kid, You'll Move Mountains - Wives' Tale]

Something old, something new
Something soiled, something used
Shake the rice out of your shoes
Hang the dress like you did the noose

I love Nina's voice, and then Hanke's growl comes in to put a finer point on it.

Take a look at Nina, she's adorable. Start professing your love now, I am sure she ends up being a hot commodity with the assured increase in popularity this band will surely see in the coming months.

I might just be biased though, "you'll" is one of my FAVORITE contractions.

Buy the album directly from the artists. It's only seven bucks. That's better than a gov't bailout plan!

Tell Nina inALLcaps sent ya'.

[Editors Note: Doh. I should remember to do more research before hitting the PUBLISH button. Nina is married. To the drummer. Drummers get all the hot chicks. If you are thinking of learning an instrument, remember my advice. Thanks.]

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