Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Submissions Part 1

Happy Jebus Birthday, folks! Better yet? Happy "So, we really don't know that dude's birthday, and we finally got rid of those blasted pagans, so why not steal their holy days and festivals, also?" Day. Sorry. I couldn't resist it. Actually, right now? I'm high-fiving Emperor Aurelian. He's a pretty fun dude.

And yes, nitpick away at the above. I know all the arguments about it. I'll just be over there, sleeping and otherwise doling out my contribution to society.

Anyhow, enough of my contempt for...well...a lot. This post is to give you a few contributions I received in my e-mail these past few months. Now, I'm pretty honest, so I will simply give my opinions, and it's then your job to go do a little research on these bands! If you like them? Hooray!

So after all these bands I list, I gave you a link to their myspace page. I'm pretty awesome like that.

First up? Ikoma. Click here for a link. Okay, sound-wise? Not bad. However, I get this nagging feeling I have heard some other bands that have this sound. It fits with the "pop-guy looking to show some indie cred" label. One thing, though, that bothers me. The statement that the band "represents the new rock regime." Well, that's for time to decide, really. Not a bad band, but needs to be a bit more unique. The one band that sticks out as a comparison is The Walkmen. That should give you guys a bit of a start!

Next up? The Volunteers. Linky-link be right here. I dig these guys. The music's solid, and they sound like a more mature version of Ween (and checking the e-mail sent, yep! That's one band they're compared to!). And any band that makes a video for a song called "FckMyGhst" gets a thumbs up. Shit, why don't I just post that video for you guys now? They have a new album called Spectrophilia out now, and I would personally suggest this one. Top notch submission!

And one last one for this week is Peasant. Yep, this is the trend - the link is after the performer name again! This dude's pretty good. The voice takes a little getting used to, as it's pretty high pitched. Listening to some of the Daytrotter Sessions, the first thing I thought of was either the recent Bon Iver album, or even a little Chad VanGaalen. I'm actually a bit bummed that I couldn't at least catch his Boston area show. Nonetheless, to download this guy's Daytrotter tracks, click here.

Next week, I'll pass along a few more contributions, as well as post my favorite music from this year. Notice I didn't say "Best of". Know why? "Best of" is a load of crap statement that purports importance. And I and my opinions don't really mean squat. So it's a "Hey, this shit's been on my iPod all year!" list. It's a fucking awesome list. The other four voices in my head think so, so it has to be true!

And yes, buy this stuff! Especially these guys! They would love you long time if you give them your business!

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