Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Since it's the holidays, how about some gifts!

So I fully had the intention of tracking down a bunch of my Jess and Crabbe records for this post. I've got six or seven of them. Anything from all three of their "Tribute" volumes to "The Big Booya EP" and more. Well, digging through all my records, I found a ton of stuff I just got so excited about. Not least of which was the one George spoke of in Monday's post, which is Jackson & His Computer Band's "Sense Juice EP". So today, I will still be posting a Jess and Crabbe cut, but I have plenty of other tracks in store. All are in the vein of house music, so just kick back and enjoy. If you're somehow averse to house music? Well, just imagine being in a nightclub when this stuff is coming much louder and you're surrounded by people who are just out for a good time!

First up is Jess and Crabbe. These two dudes from France make some great shit! This one if off the EP "The Hell and Back", and is the title track. If you want to know where the sample comes from? It's from a hip-hop group called Da Youngstas, and the track samples is "Iz U Wit Me". I actually had that groups first album. That's me showing my age, obviously. So here's Jess and Crabbe's "The Hell and Back".

[Download Jess & Crabbe - The Hell and Back]

Next up are two tracks from a mix CD by Cevin Fisher (Dangerous Disco, the Adventures of Double O Cevin) I heard about ten years ago. There were two tracks that stood out - The Avenue's "I Am (Filthy Rich's own mix)" and Agent Purple's "Kings of Spain (Mandrax Lower East dub)". I somehow found two copies of the first record over the years (hell, I think I may have three, but that just shows you how much I love this song!), and I just recently came across a copy of the triple-pack unmixed vinyl of Fisher's album, so I got both of these stellar tracks.

[Download The Avenue - I Am (Filthy Rich's Own mix)]

[Download Agent Purple - Kings of Spain (Mandrax Lower East dub)]

Next up is the aforementioned Jackson and His Computer Band track. I first heard it on Lo-Fidelity Allstars contribution to the "On The Floor at the Boutique" series. It's called "Makin' It Happen" and good lord is it funky and just a stomper of a track! Just enjoy it!

[Download Jackson & His Computer Band - Makin' It Happen]

The last two are classics. Two tracks that just make me love life and the fact that somehow I have managed to stay alive and kickin'. Terrence Parker is a fucking legend. If you don't know soulful house, please do yourself a favor and look this guy up. This is certainly more my end of the spectrum, as he focuses more on the disco element with "Your Love", but regardless, his stuff is awesome. "Your Love" has a backstory, of sorts, also. Problem is? I can't find the story! Instead of even attempting to tell it, I will hope someone is nice enough to read this and explain. Story does go that it was dedicated to a late Detroit DJ and friend of Parker's, but that's as far as I will take it.

[Download Terrence Parker - Your Love]

And yes, I said I had two classics. Ever heard of South Street Player? Most people haven't. What about Roland Clark? Maybe? Well, he did vocals on Armand Van Helden's "Flowerz" and has been around for quite some time. He does the vocals on South Street Player's "(Who?) Keeps Changin' Your Mind" and to top that off? A video featuring the song, also. Some classic '80's breakin'. Not sure how it all ties in, but I figure if I start thinking too hard about it, my nose will start bleeding, and next thing I know, I'll be in my 50's and just waking up out of a coma.

[Download South Street Player - (Who?) Keeps Changin' Your Mind]

And yes, this is where I tell you to buy this music! Hey, I did! So should you! And hell, for 99 cents a song at some places? It's well worth it!

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