Monday, December 1, 2008

A passion ending so the world ceases turning

BFMV is easier to type than Bullet For My Valentine, and as you know I am lazy.

Which is ironic, since this post is about my Friday after Thanksgiving. Feeling guilty for my gluttony, I woke up on Black Friday, and instead of shopping, I sweated out all the turkey and booze over a stationary bicycle.

The soundtrack to my self punishment was BFMV...So loud the old lady on the bike next to me was cringing. 

BFMV is a screamo band from Bridgend, Wales. I didn't pay special attenttion to the lyrics until I got home from my workout, but they are really good, especially if you are into self-mutilation (exercise is practically self-mutilation, isn't it?  It's painful, I know that...) 

The music is the stand-out winner for me.

Aggressive is a good word to describe the music. Another good word might be FAST. The drum and guitar work is so great, that the lead singer could be talking about how he likes mayo on his hamburgers, and I would still love it.

I haven't listened to the band's first album, The Poison, but it's now on my xmas list. Do yourself a favor and pick up Scream, Aim, Fire for xmas. One for you, and one for the friend that could use a little work in the gym. They will thank you for it.

[Bullet For My Valentine - End of Days]

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