Monday, November 24, 2008

Watching a woman sleep can get you scared

The Eventually Home is finally out!

It's the exact opposite of meh! It's beautiful and gripping!

Yes, I do have a man crush on Andy Hull, but I dare you to not be amazed by this fantastic piece of work.

Everyone loves a trilogy. This is Part II.

This story is not about a Jedi, or THE ONE, or even about a man eating shark. Well...maybe a man eating whale named Emily!

i've been eating seaweed from a whale named emily
she could swallow me, or help swallow my pride

Really this project of Andy Hull, frontman of the band Manchester Orchestra, is about this simple thing. A man on a mission to understand why his whore of a wife cheated on him.

This man, a sailor, heads to sea. For three years. The first installment, titled perfectly, was The Bitter End.

Part II, The Eventually Home, is about his return... well, home. But is it "home" or just his desire to come to the end?

We have to wait for Part III to see.

The song we are sharing off the album is a pretty song that puts me at edge. A scorn sailor who hasn't seen his wife in three years, watching her sleep. Has he returned to kill her? You tell me!

[Right Away, Great Captain - I Was A Cage]

Regardless of the story, it's an amazing piece of work. Buy it. Buy two and give one to a friend.

photo by myspace.​com/​harrisonhudsonphotog​raphy

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