Wednesday, November 5, 2008

An ode to election triumphs and mishaps.

George, the creator of this fine blog, told me that I had a big day today. I get the blog post the day after the presidential election. Well, la dee freakin' da! I really can't express how important the election was all over the country. There were also many state ballot questions that loomed large.

Well, first, I have a song to those who voted for Obama. I found it quite fitting, and I'm quite surprised no one used this as a campaign song! Sorry, there's no sarcasm button to warn you all about it. However, this song is pretty fitting. Hopefully it's also laced with a high amount of truth. It's Public Enemy's "Brother's Gonna Work It Out", off of the 1989 album Fear of a Black Planet.

Next up? Fuck you, State of California! That's right. You dimwits voted 61 to 37 in favor of Obama, yet you voted in favor of banning gay marriage 52 to 48. Now, it's still not final, but if it is? It shows how transparent your votes are. It means you essentially voted with your wallet. So for my next addition to the blog? I think Black Sheep got it pretty well summed up in "For Doz That Slept".

Last up is a classic. It's easily one of my favorite songs, and it strikes close to home for us today. It's John Lennon's "Imagine", a song once considered incredibly controversial.

Even more haunting is the following video for "Imagine". Hopefully the lessons he tried to teach others are being learned still. Because I don't want to feel ashamed to just happen to live within these borders.

As always, please buy music from these artists! And thank you for voting! It exceeded my expectations by around 10 million, and I am unbelievably happy to have been wrong. Just goes to show we maybe shouldn't be so jaded.

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