Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Like, what if I wanted to talk about the Ming Dynasty?

They're self-taught. They're soft-spoken. And they're hard-rocking. "To me, it's just bands that are really into creating their own version of rock'n'roll, and are not trying to rip off anybody."

Formed in the mid-90's, Midwest independent rockers Dropnickel recently played an anniversary show for their label which was actually a reunion show for themselves. The formation of Dropnickel was a turning point for frontman Brett Johnson, who decided then and there to start his own independent label. He's signed a total of 21 bands, with 6 currently on the roster.

I bought Dropnickel's 1998 CD, "Completed", two years ago. I loved it! So I was excited to get to travel to Minneapolis and see them perform at the BWR Anniversary show... At the Triple Rock no less!

Here is some video we captured at the show. This is the song "Ming Dynasty", written about the breakup of a marriage that started from a silly comment. Well. Sometimes, you're just better off.

Ming Dynasty by Dropnickel@Triple Rock

Backup singer/lead guitarist Jeremy Fink is active in another BWR band called Casanatra. He blows me away on guitar and I think his backup vocals really seal the deal while performing with Dropnickel.

I think the track off "Completed" that rocks the hardest and shows off every member's talent at the same time is Snow Flies. Enjoy:

[Dropnickel - Snow Flies]

Brett Johnson was interviewed for the Twin Cities' CityPages publication by Andrea Swensson. He explained to her that the bands on his label aren't necessarily "indie rock" and he bristles at this combination of words. "It's usually heavier or more aggressive, I guess, but it's not exactly metal. I just always call it Midwest independent rock."

Check out this label and sample some of Johnson's brand of rock at I recommend Seconds Before, which was in my opinion the best band to open for Dropnickel that night.

Check out Dropnickel on MySpace

Check out Seconds Before on MySpace

As far as I can tell, they're too indie to be found on Amazon. So peruse the label and buy what you like! Show some indie love.

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