Thursday, November 6, 2008

I've lost my mobile phone, you'll have to call my home

I know you missed me! The Little One is BACK! And I now have SEVENTY-SIX tracks in my iTunes. Yeah, 76! I am a Hard Drive Rebuild Survivor. Action, Advocacy, Awareness. Er, something like that.

Thank God that thirteen of those tracks were compiled by England's Just Jack. These uplifting, boogielicious electronica ballads are enough to make me forget all about the potential for four years' worth of important e-mail transmissions being lost forever.

Is he single? I want to marry him based solely on the fact that when forced to select from the slim pickins of 1997 dance tracks to cover for a radio station celebration, he picked "Lovefool" by The Cardigans. Yeah baby. Love me, love me. Reason will not reach a solution.

It's hard to pick just one track off Just Jack's 2007 Overtones album to share. The opening track, Writer's Block, really pulls you in to enjoy the whole album. So you better buy it, just so you can hear it. But it's Symphony of Sirens that I'll share with you. Maybe because I like it when artists mispronounce words or draw out syll-ABB-les in order to make them rhyme. Check it out:

[Just Jack - Symphony of Sirens]

His voice is so soothing, and the electronic background - which I normally am not a fan of - just makes me HAPPY! Is it the choppy North London accent that does it for me? It's not just because I have nothing else to listen to, is it? Say it isn't so, because Just Jack (it's just Jack Allsop) is my new faaaayyyyv'rit.

How can you not love this adorable guy. Check out the vid for No Time:

You know what to do here. Right here, right now. Click this. Get yourself some Just Jack. You don't have to hiss his name realfast a la Jack McFarland. Just make The Little One happy and buy yourself some hot music. Dooo itttt.

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Unknown said...

Man. You've got me wondering if he's single or not. How dancy. And handsome.