Monday, November 10, 2008

I Slept With Someone at and All I Got Was This Stupid Blog Written About Me

I am over 30 and wear a FOB t-shirt quite regularly. I recently had the album Infinity on High on constant repeat in the car. I love EMO music and I might need some help.

Granted, I am not busy at home cutting myself, nor do I have an EMO haircut. I do have a strong fondness for dark zip-up hoodies, and I have a collection of band tees. Maybe this music is made for 30 year olds? I wonder if some pimply fourteen year old can really pick up on the heavy irony that Pete Wentz lays down in some of his lyrics. Or maybe fourteen year olds find the misheard versions better anyways!

It's not all about Wentz and his amazing song writing abilities, but it's that magical combo of Patrick Stump's distinctive voice and solid vocal range (although it seems that it doesn't hold up in some of the footage and audio I have seen/heard of them in concert).

I had a hard time dealing with the fact that every album seemed to be a change in style or direction for them. From hardcore punk to experimenting with R&B. When it comes down to it though, it's something to be embraced if it's done well.

From what I have had the privilege of listening to of Folie à Deux, their upcoming release scheduled for late 2008, it's another big change, and one that I am going to welcome with open arms.

The rumors are rampant about this album already the closer we get to the 12.16.2008 release date. Kanye West will make an appearance. Lil' Wayne will make an appearance. (Jay-Z showed up on Infinity on High, in case you slept on that one.) Pharrel has produced a song. Even Debbie Harry supposedly gets on the bus to throw down some vocals. I don't LOVE Blondie, but having the frontwoman of one of the most well-known NYC punk bands make a guest appearance on your record is a big deal.

I really want to share these two leaked songs of the new Folie à Deux (seriously, that is the worst name in history for an album, but prove me wrong in the comments if you got one worse) album, but DMCA violations are being handed out a lot to many popular blogs, with targets especially directed at songs off this album. Not sure if inallcaps is big ENOUGH yet, but considering all the press releases we are getting now, and the new collab with errorFM, I think someone at the labels might finally be watching! (Thanks for the page views!) So...maybe I try to get in a few of their old songs? I guess it's the best I can do. I suggest looking for those leaks on the interwebs anyways. I am convinced it will get you to pick up Duex, and that's really my goal anyways.

Oh! Guess what? I dug up a Kanye West/FOB mashup, which is at least timely and relevant.

[Download Kanye West/Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care I Still Love Her]

One of my favorite things about Fall Out Boy has been that they get creative with their song titles. This one might be my favorite title for a song ever:

[Download Fall Out Boy - It's Not A Side Effect Of The Cocaine, I Am Thinking It Must Be Love]

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I would like to hear the Kanye one. Im going to go search for it now!