Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fuzzy animals make fun music

Okay, so this is not going to seem "new" to a lot of people. Who cares! I'm here to share music I love. So for this one I'll be posting up a couple of songs from a man who goes by the artist name of Panda Bear. Many of you probably know who this guy is, already. For those who don't? Click here for his Wikipedia page. The album Person Pitch is what initially got my attention. Better late than never, one might say. I was listening to Sirius' Left of Center, and heard what I initially thought to be something in the mold of the Beach Boys or at the very least inspired by their frontman Brian Wilson.

Well, after a little digging, I found out what the song was, and went bonkers when I bought the album and took a listen. The song I'm posting is what gave me an utterly euphoric feeling I hadn't had from music since listening to the other cut I'll be posting. See what I did there? I made you have to scroll through to find out what the other song was! I'm tricky like that. So here you have the track "Bros".

And here is a video of a live performance by Panda Bear doing the aforementioned "Bros". I had a chance to check him out live in New York City last year during the summer. First off, the band opening for him? Atrocious. Good lord, people that tag their band "experimental"? Stop it. It's meant to be played to torture terrorists in Gitmo. Not for performing live. Anyways, he doesn't really "perform", per se, but in a way DJs. Now, coming from a DJ background, I'll sort it out. He uses a mixer and instead of turntables, he has samplers that are loaded with presets that he triggers. All the while, he is singing.

Once samples are triggered, he "mixes" the tracks. It makes for a continuous hour of music all while trippy videos and images are shown on a screen behind him. The show was great in a very odd way, but I just have to reiterate my disdain for the uber-hipster crowd. You're not cool. Stop dressing like Marty McFly and waxing pretentious when it comes to any number of artsy topics. The crowd at these sorts of shows are usually lame and uninspiring, and this crowd was no different. No movement, no sound, no FUN! Seriously, this music was awesome, as was the show. That's really besides the point. Here you'll see what I mean about the "live" show.

Now, earlier I mentioned the euphoria I felt through song. This next track had me dancing on yet another trip down to New York City while watching the legendary Francois K DJing. He hopped around from ultra deep house to ragga, but this track had me going insane. I rarely dance. That says something. This is Global Communication's "The Way" (The Secret Ingredients Mix) from 1996. I first heard it while in a club in Boston when it was brand spankin' new, and it's one of those tracks that led me down the path of house music. Utterly phenomenal song! Enjoy!

And please do make a purchase or two! That would just be splendiferous. And neat. And other words that sound just plain silly.

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