Tuesday, September 23, 2008

walk off my drink...

From the blog dated September 23, 2008:
Manchester Orchestra's very own lead singer Andy Hull is proud to announce the release of his second installment in the Right Away, Great Captain! series. For those unaware, Andy took us on an intense and emotionally rattling 15 songs with "The Bitter End" and now his 17th century protagonist has returned. After the crushing blow in losing his captain he has once again lifted his head and this time he is heading home... To Kill His Wife...

Stay tuned: November 11th will see "The Eventually Home" released both digitally and in indie music retail outlets around the country on Favorite Gentlemen Recordings.

I'm planning on reviewing the album fully once it's released...but I couldn't help to tease it.


[Download RA,GC! - Anna No]

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