Thursday, September 11, 2008

Meet me after school and I'll beat you like gorilla



I always wanted to start a post with that word. It's a beautiful word! There is a lady at the HQ that hates when I say that word! As soon as the word fuck comes out of my mouth she says, "Fudge."

No. It's fuck. It's a great word. Embrace it.

Ok. Let's move on.

I am desperate to get something good to you. But I got nothing. Well I do. I have some super writing in my head for you. But it's not gonna happen today. I need to let it incubate a little longer. Instead I have a quick story that ties in to a song you can download. We are gonna do this fast so I can get back to the game show "Hole in the Wall". It's a hilarious show. But it will never last more than one season. Catch it while you can!

Ok...c'mon...let's get to this already.

I just got an iPhone. I get shitty reception. Which sucks, because it is a phone after all. But other than that it's one of the coolest devices I have ever laid my greedy hands on. Not only is it an iPod but it's a handheld computing device! The applications for this thing are incredible! Most of them you can download and install for free! One such amazingly free application is called Shazam!

Why is it great? I'll explain:

You got a hot blonde in the car. You throw a mix tape in the ole stereo. The first track is some funky number. You both start shaking your asses in the car seat! Life is good!

Then your worst nightmare! She says, "Who is this?"

Oh oh.

You forgot. How lame. But you were smart enough to install Shazam on your phone! You just have the app listen to the song and the application tells you what the artist and song is!

What was the song?

Bonde do RolĂȘ - Office Boy (Architecture in Helsinki remix)

[Download Track Office Boy (Architecture in Helsinki remix)]

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