Monday, September 15, 2008

I know you're not ready to live

How many band requests do you get on MySpace? Do you pay attention? You should. In my never-to-be-humble opinion, it's one of the most worthwhile reasons to have the social utility. Discovering new music, and keeping tabs on your favorite bands. Well, if you live and breathe music, like I do.

Scanners recently added me as a friend, and within a moment after checking out their page, speaking of breathing music, my lungs rejoiced. It was like hearing the voice that's been inside me all my life. I love it. It's Siouxsie or Aimee or Michelle... I definitely hear Chrissy and even the Pretenders in some of these tracks, and the influence of Tori and her piano makes an appearance as well. I can't help but compare this gorgeous voice belonging to lead singer Sarah Daly to the soulful singers I grew up with.

I'm in love with my digital toy
My joy machine always there to enjoy

"Lowlife" is a song that should be played on the radio... Should be number one with a bullet... The opening chords make me so happy, the angry but clean voice that challenges the actions of a lover... It's brilliance. I love it. Check it out:

When I listen to this album, I imagine I am back in time, I am Chrissy Hynde setting off for London to discover herself within the emerging punk scene. It's a beautiful thing.

Remix EPs for some of these teriffic tracks are available, and they've now recorded a second album, so stay tuned!

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