Monday, September 22, 2008

Flesh is heretic

I really wanted to like anathallo. It was long ago when they were on "the list" for a scouting trip to Zia Records. Anathallo, Vedera, Paramore, The Format, Ben Kweller (I still have it in written form. It's saved as a memento.) In the years to follow, I would find that many musical artists whom I respected were big fans of anathallo, yet, I still couldn't get into them.

I've found another ensemble-slash-collaboration band, however, that I can get into. It's called The Sound of Animals Fighting. Since 2004, more than a dozen artists from various other established acts have come together - whether physically or by the power of studio engineering - to create music that really paints a beautiful aesthetic.

Each band member takes on the identity of an animal. Although each artist gets proper credit for their position in the ensemble, it's prominent and understood that the band is really made up of the animals. At present, The Sound of Animals Fighting is Nightingale, Walrus, Lynx, and Skunk.

And the intent is to focus on the music. I can't say there is anything catchy about it, but it's good and pure and focused. Their fans are certainly obsessed ardent. Lyrics from the song The Heretic have been tattooed on ribcages, forearms, and feet!

I can enjoy each of the tracks on the third album, The Ocean and The Sun, for different reasons. I'm not going to become an obsessed fan, and teaser videos like the one below that helped to promote this last release are not ever going to cause me to bate my breath, but it's good stuff that I'd like to hear more of.

You can hear elements of those who have contributed to the band over the years: Members of Circa Survive, Chiodos, Atreyu, Rx Bandits, and more. But I think The Swan showcases the most talent and represents the type of music you hear on the rest of the album the best:

I love this idea of taking members from multiple bands and forming "side projects" and collaborations. Everywhere you look, it's being done. It's such an enrichment to our current music climate. What seemed great a couple of years ago just keeps getting better and better, exponentially, in ways never before imagined.

If you're into long tracks, songs that take you on a journey, or just need some really soulful ::ahem:: background music, you're going to want to check out one of these albums.

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