Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cover me!

Here's something interesting I just heard over the weekend. It was a really cool cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing In The Dark". If you've somehow never heard the song, don't worry, I'll help fill you in. Most of you, however, probably have heard this song. At this point, most people born the year it came out would be approaching their mid-20's. Which doesn't really make me feel that much better. Hell, my girlfriend was born just two years before this came out. Yes, Father Time is a bastard. If I could pistol whip him, I would. And hard.

Well, that's beside the point. What I found was a very cool cover done by an artist that goes by the name Paper Fist. You can view his MySpace page here. Here's better when you check out the page. He also covers "Venus In Furs"! Don't know that one, either? Then we need to work on this innerweb friendship, pally. I thought I knew you. All kidding aside, anyone that can pull off pretty good covers of both The Boss and the Velvet Underground is quite alright in my book.

So just for a 'blast from the past' sort of moment where we can be embarrassed how white people danced, I give you Springsteen's original. Actually, white people still dance terribly. Myself included. Just endure the pain, though, because you have to admit the song is actually still really fucking good. And does anyone else wonder if the Carlton Banks dance from Fresh Prince of Bel Air was inspired by this video?

Go here for the video. Unfortunately, Bruce won't allow us to embed these.

And below, you'll find the cover of the song done by Paper Fist.

And as always, please support the artists!

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