Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Concert Series Music Post #1

Okay, so I am taking a rather different approach this week. I'll be posting a couple of videos. The first is from a show I attended this past Saturday. I must thank the gentleman that took this video. It's such great quality, which is so hard to find from a camera.

The band in question? Wolf Parade. Their first album Apologies To The Queen Mary was a critical success, and the live song here - "I'll Believe In Anything" - has become the favorite for so many people, yours truly included. The debut album was produced by Modest Mouse's quirky lead man Isaac Brock, so for anyone searching for indie cred with these guys should get it with that little nugget of information. Their latest release - At Mount Zoomer - has received many a rave review for it's different approach to their music after the success of Apologies To The Queen Mary.

So without further ado, here is the song "I'll Believe In Anything" live from the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, Massachusetts.

The next in the concert series is by a group that I have to admit I knew nothing of before purchasing tickets for tonight's Gnarls Barkley show. The group is called Hercules and Love Affair. This is some rather refreshing music. The song I am posting is the single that gave them a lot of buzz. And it's hard to avoid buzz if you're on James Murphy's DFA label. He has quite the ear for spotting new talent, as proven by the continued success of The Juan Maclean and others.

The track "Blind" has a classic disco feel to it. So if you're not into disco? Well, then just re-listen to the Wolf Parade cut! If you don't like the indie-rock of Wolf Parade? Then listen to "Blind" a few more times! Me? Well, I have to admit I like them both quite a bit. It's just how my tastes run. Once I check these guys out live? I will perhaps post a review next week of what I think with more of their work for me to judge!

And as always, please support the artists! Your purchases help keep such great music coming!

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