Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Concert Series #2 and a couple of interesting tracks!

So Gnarls Barkley is worthy. That's for sure. Hercules and Love Affair provided a good show, as well, but they seemed a bit stiff at times. Disco is fun, though!

So tonight I will be checking out Radiohead. What may seem blasphemous is that I have yet to see them live. And leave it to the venue to say no cameras. However, that's never really stopped me. The worry of bootlegs is the main concern for the band, and rightfully so, although it seems a bit odd considering how they sold last year's In Rainbows.

Now we've known Radiohead as a band with a lot of trippy videos. Good videos, for sure, just a little.....unusual. So for this week's installment, I'll be posting my favorite of theirs. And no doubt it's the favorite of so many others out there, too. Has anyone figured out what the man says at the end of this video? Rumor has it even the band doesn't know. And now, Just.

And this week I've decided to post a couple of pretty interesting - and very different - songs. The first is a very unique cover of M.I.A.'s Paper Planes. This one certainly isn't produced by Diplo! It's an artist by the name of Josh Jones. Now, digging around the indie circuit, I've found a man by the same name that fronts the band The Evangelicals, but with such a common name, I'm still checking this out to make sure I am going to give credit to the right guy. So, hey, Mr. Jones? If you're reading this? Yeah, let me know what's up. 'Cause this is one cool cover.

And for the next track, I was introduced to a couple of new artists. First, the band Jukebox the Ghost. I mean, visit their myspace site. Just take a look at that ridiculous tour schedule! Hell, I get three shows in Massachusetts all for myself. If I so pleased. The first band that sprang out at me for a comparison was Ben Folds Five. Whether or not they'd like that comparison is not known. For the song Hold It In, the band has hired a very busy Andrew Maury for remix duties. It's like pop meeting electro, and oddly enough, it works. It's a fun track, and given the right set of circumstances, it could do well.

And as always, please support these artists! Buying their music only helps us introduce you to more bands that thrive from your purchases!

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The Little One said...

Judging by the still on that video I was afraid I was about to get rickrolled...