Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Skinny love at Sunset

For my first of hopefully many contributions to this blog, I have a couple of tracks I would like to introduce people to. Hopefully, these tracks help give a little exposure to artists I think have a lot of talent and are deserving of more attention.

Now, I have to preface this all by saying I love having Sirius Satellite radio. Hands down, one of the best investments I have ever made. Yes, an investment. The songs I hear on so many of their channels, be it CBC radio or Left of Center 26 (their indie-rock station), I have become exposed to so much more than I already have been. And one of the following artists just happens to be one I discovered there.

Bon Iver. If you pronounce it, make sure you do it right! Bawn eee-Vair. This is the creation of Justin Vernon, and it's bastardized French for "good winter". This Wisconsin native still makes his home there, and with the success of the track "Skinny Love", the indie label Jagjaguwar picked up on this kid. He's got a strong folk-y feel to his music, and the album he recorded "For Emma, Forever Ago" was mostly done up in a backwoods cabin in Wisconsin. Just adds to that feel of earthiness and genuity that you'd expect out of such a genre of music.

And with that? I bring you "Skinny Love".

Next up is fellow label-mate Sunset Rubdown. These guys are certainly known to the indie crowd due to the burgeoning attention singer Spencer Krug has been receiving. Krug, as some may know, is one of two singers for Sub-Pop up-and-comers Wolf Parade. With a very distinct singing style and songwriting that's quite creative to say the least, Krug has made a name for himself.

Sunset Rubdown's latest album "Random Spirit Lover" was released last year, but seeing as how I am quite new here, I just felt the need to share. Thanks, mom. You taught me well. By the way, she also taught me how to sucker punch someone that tries to steal my lunch money. It still works.

With this album, Krug floats from one song to the next with ease. It's a concept album of sorts, which generally doesn't do well with the public, but incredibly well with critics if done correctly. It's a story, of sorts, and if you aren't getting lost in the myriad of musical styles that the band embraces, you will get an insight into Krug's mind. My personal favorite from the album is "Wicked/Winged Things", and this is what I bring to you today. Enjoy!

And please, if you enjoy the music as much as I do? Buy it! This helps us continue to bring you all new music, and helps keep these bands alive!


mookie said...

welcome to the blog! good to be working with you again! nice first post! I also love sirius...

can't wait to read your next blog post!

Anonymous said...

I love the look of your blog, very visually interesting and edgy. I liked the Sunset Rubdown review it was short, sweet and captured part of the essence that is SR (It's impossible to capture it's complete essence). I would, based on your song choice, recommend Wolf Parade's first album Apologies to the Queen Mary if you haven't already listened to or bought it.

The Little One said...

Welcome to the blog, Zink! And thanks for the feedback, believe! Stay awhile.