Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Side by Side With Farm Animals

To everyone out there, I have to apologize about missing last Wednesday! I have spent the last 10 or 11 days packing and moving, along with my normal work schedule. So I am going to do my best to make it up to you!

Does anyone here not know Daniel Johnston? If that's the case, then we all shall learn about this fascinating man. When over 150 artists have covered your songs? When you have been institutionalized, still need care from your parents, yet tour around the world? When you have a throng of followers that buy your artwork in mere minutes at art shows? It says something. It says you've done something right. Johnston is a tortured man. He many times cannot recollect the lyrics to his songs due to the cocktail of drugs prescribed to him, which is a shame. He still, however, has it. And with that, here is his now iconic classic "Walking the Cow"

This song has picked up almost legendary status, and for good reason. There have been many covers of it, including a couple of very good ones by Pearl Jam (yes, Pearl Jam!) as well as an unbelievable cover that TV on the Radio did on the tribute album The Late Great Daniel Johnston. The first song below is the Vedder cover, and the video takes about a minute to start, but it's worth the patience!

And again, if you like the music you hear, please buy it! Also, there is a wonderful documentary on Johnston called The Devil and Daniel Johnston that I absolutely rave about to any and all of my friends. You feel so bad for this poor man, yet can't help but swell up with pride. Enjoy your Wednesday, folks!

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mookie said...

just discovered that the band Flunk used samples of Johnston in a song called Haldi off the Personal Stereo album