Thursday, July 17, 2008

Prepare To Be Digitally Manipulated

Bada Bing! Wit a Pipe!

Well, my iCarPlay and I recently called it quits. He said it wasn't him, it was me. I don't know what I ever did to him, but it means that I have to switch between the only two CDs that are loaded currently, and local alternative or "extreme" radio.

The latter option, in turn, means I have to be subjected to such lyrics as "devour, devour/suffocate your own empire/devour, devour/it's your final hour"... Or this one, and sorry, I know they have a lot of fans, but: "There is love burning to find you/Will you wait for me?/Will you be here?/Your silence haunts me/But I still hunger for you/This is my curse (the wanting)/This is my curse (to)/This is my curse (the needing)" That stuff is crap! How do they fill stadiums with that?

Betties and Bros, I present to you Four Year Strong.
Fill a stadium with this.
Get off your fucking FEET!

THIS is good rock and roll. THIS is music appropriate for screaming. THIS is the double bass you need to rock your face off. Hardcore, post-hardcore, hardcore breakdown, whatever you're going to call it. It's smart music performed well, with thoughtful lyrics that don't overpower. I might be a sucker for gang vocals and double bass bursts, [what was that sound, like something hitting the floor?] but they do it all expertly. Check out Wrecked 'Em, Damn Near Killed 'Em:

They are a fun-loving group of guys, too. They recently held a beard-growing contest for fans, spawned by winning the impromptu beard contest that started while on tour with Straylight Run and Bayside. Those are also two of my all-time favorite bands, and I've seen both in concert. But I've never been able to witness FYS. Apparently they inspire people to hang from the rafters, roadies to crowd surf, and otherwise quite literally "lose their god damned minds." <--Direct quote from a show review!

Rock. Fucking. ON!!!

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mookie said...

I just saw someone put Four Year Strong in the genre of BEARDCORE.