Thursday, July 24, 2008

I want to live on a stage

I want to play the guitar, and I want to get paid.
But no responsibilities, please. I wanna do what I want,
And I wanna get paid.

This simple musician's wish is gently repeated throughout the first track of The Snake The Cross The Crown's sophomore album, Cotton Teeth. It's delivered in the folksy style found in most Southern Rock, where it sounds so effortless but is so enjoyable to hear because when all is said and done, the music is CLEAN.

The Snake The Airplane and The What? That's OK, just call them TSTCTC. And before you've gotten one minute into Track 2, you will be head over heels for them and decide to give up your job and become a groupie. Their heartfelt folk reels you in and you want to go everywhere with them, smile on face, stinging claps on your hands.

The Black Crowes, Neil Young, Allman Brothers, Georgia Satellites, and yes, The Snake The Cross The Crown. They embody the elements of Southern Rock with flavors of indie, folk, rebel ideaology, a bit of a swagger here and there, but a constant rocking theme.

I hadn't even heard of them until I traveled almost 600 miles to catch, among other bands, Manchester Orchestra and was fortunate enough to find TSTCTC opening for them. Not only that but I got to witness said band, along with Piebald and mewithoutyou, help the southern rockers out on one of their songs. A similar performance can be seen below...

Despite less than stellar video quality I just had to share that. It's a treat that always leaves us reeling! For a live performance with better quality, check out the video below as they perform Behold The River:

Mutliple guitars, a little bit of gang vocals thrown in there (remember what that does to The Little One)... everyone shares the twang and the soul and we have the intimate but hard-hitting Southern Rock and Roll. God Bless America.

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