Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cause love means going this far

Why endcap surfing at Target OFTEN pays off

I love being the one who discovers music. But I also love being impressed when Padre gets grabbed by something and it turns out to be amazing. Isn’t it sweet when “I don’t know, looked cool, thought I’d check it out” turns out to be one of your favorite artists?

The music on this CD, which was actually Lovedrug’s second effort, is so clean, crisp, and searing. Singer Michael Shepard delivers the lyrics in such a dire way that it ensures all of your emotions will be touched. The music itself gets inside you and absolutely pulls at your heart. But it may not have been until the live show – yes, amazingly, within weeks of discovering the CD, Lovedrug came to town on Plain White T’s Every Second Counts tour – that I could fully appreciate how piano chords eloquently round out Lovedrug’s unique sound. The band also toured with Sparta and Straylight Run, another show we were blessed to catch.

Ghost By Your Side

I don’t have many CD’s that are excellent both for Mood Music… yes you know what I’m talking about… and Road Music. The elements required for these two separate situations are very specific. Lovedrug nails it. It wasn’t right away that we realized “Everything Starts Where it Ends” was the sophomore CD, but you can be assured I went out to buy the first one immediately upon discovery. It’s called “Pretend You’re Alive.” Also full of excellent music. There is no lack of poignant lyrics that spill from Shepard’s plume. It was very difficult to decide which tracks to share in this post since so many speak to me, especially “Thieving”:

“Would you believe me if I told you that I’m surfacing for just one thieving moment to steal your heart?”

“I think all music is spiritual,” Shepard says when pressed about the Christian element to his music. I will guarantee you that in this music, such an element is so subtle that it is lost on most listeners. It’s only there because it’s part of him, and every good artist gives every part of him or herself to the art. And just as a great background in literature assists in connecting to references in pop culture, a background in Christianity allows me to pick up some of these subtleties as well.

For example, Shepard explains the story behind “Black Out” off “Pretend You’re Alive” as a vampire watching a city, when really I wonder if all the references to “I Am” suggest an observer who is a bit more of a deity.

With such passionate music, I would expect no less than a very passionate, and possibly disturbed, man behind it. The entire crew seems to contribute to the myspace blog, but Shepard’s posts are often bizarre, ethereal, and confusing as he describes events such as a visit to Minneapolis, a fire in his house, a trip to Tibet, correspondence to a Ms. Baxter, and other observations that sometimes sound like hallucinations (he should really consider using Twitter!)

Good news has also been discovered in this blog, though: At 10:31 AM today it was announced that album three is finished!

I’m excited to share with you my passion for Lovedrug. Check them out, I want to know what you think.

Enjoy "Happy Apple Poison"

I want to make you happy
But I've fallen, I'm sorry
I thought my wings could hold me up
with angels not demons
you don't know how cool you are
to find the ways to love me without shame

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